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April 16, 2009

San Ramon Community Center, Alcosta Room
12501 Alcosta Boulevard

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:  Walt Trembley, Peter Rathman, Harvey Riggs                                            

Committee Members Absent: Ken Dawdy, Jim McVay                                                      

Council Members Attending:  None

Planning Commission Liaison: Harry Sachs, Phil O’Loane

Teen Council Liaison: None

Guests Attending: Trent Furhman, Sal Vora, Diem Faulhaber, Lanny Dana, Pat Wirth, Judy Ewing, Vicki M. Wadler, Z. Carvalho, Danny Shupp                                                  

Staff Members Attending:                 Lisa Bobadilla, PJ Dhoot, Leslie Chase, Amy Amiri, Travis Yokoyama, Officer John Goyich

The meeting was called to order by Chair Riggs at 6:30 p.m. 


M/S/C/U (Trembley/Rathman) to approve the minutes of the March 19, 2009 meeting as written (3-0).




4.1       Capital Improvement Program (CIP) FY 09/10 Report

Amy Amiri, Senior CIP Administrative Analyst of Engineering Services, gave a report on the Draft Five Year Capital Improvement Program from FY 2009/2010 through FY 2013/2014.  Amy asked the TAC to provide comments on the CIP report indicating that their comments will be forwarded to the City Finance Committee and City Council for final review and adoption.  Amy discussed the following proposed new projects for FY 2009/2010: 

Circulation Projects

  • Bollinger Canyon Road/Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Overcrossing – will provide for a pedestrian crossing at the Iron Horse Trail at Bollinger Canyon Road.
  • Bollinger Canyon Road Pedestrian Modification (Chanterella to Bluehart) – will provide modification to 7 intersections in Dougherty Valley.
  • Crow Canyon Road/Iron Horse Trail Pedestrian Overcrossing – will provide pedestrian overcrossing at the Iron Horse Trail at Crow Canyon Road.
  • Pavement Management – added as an annual maintenance project.
  • Pavement Management Stop Gap – added as a separate annual project.
  • San Ramon Valley Boulevard Pavement Rehabilitation – will provide for the street rehabilitation work on San Ramon Valley Boulevard from Norris Canyon Road to Bollinger Canyon Road.

Signal Projects

  • Street Light Installation at Granada Drive – will provide for a new street light on Granada Drive in order to provide adequate lighting within the neighborhood.
  • Traffic Signal Pole Painting – will begin repainting the City’s 62 traffic signals intersection poles, and arms by completing six (6) intersections annually.

Amy Amiri reported that there are no new signal projects proposed for 5-year CIP.

Harvey Riggs asked about the Iron Horse Trail construction being deferred and the potential construction at Bollinger Canyon Road at the City Center site.  Lisa Bobadilla responded that it is the City’s desire to move forward with the environmental phase of the study which will focus on Bollinger Canyon Road overcrossing using City and grant funding.  As far as the actual construction is concerned, the City will pursue a number of state and federal funds including funds from stimulus package.  Measure J funds will also be utilized for this project.

With regards to the widening of Bollinger Canyon Road, Lisa Bobadilla responded that discussion on this project is currently underway.  The City’s engineering staff will attend an upcoming TAC meeting to give a report and an update before proceeding with the widening project.

4.2       Radar Speed Display Sign – Public Hearing

PJ Dhoot gave a Power Point Presentation on the Radar Speed Display Sign Program.  She explained the Public Hearing process and requested residents to direct their comments to the TAC. 

PJ Dhoot elaborated on the success of the RSDS which resulted in speed reduction at four (4) locations including Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon Valley Boulevard, Montevideo Drive, and Norris Canyon Road.  The criteria for installation of the RSDS are arterial and collector roadways with residential frontages, and arterial and collector roadways.  The Western Pacific Signal Speed Check model is available in 15-inch and 18- inch display which is mounted on the existing light poles.  PJ discussed in detail the proposed locations where the RSDS will be installed both on Rosincress Drive and Twin Creeks Drive.  Western Pacific representatives gave a demonstration on how the equipment operates for the benefit of the public and responded to questions that relates to  the overall dimension of the sign which is 30 x 42 and capacity of the solar battery/back up power.

Chair Riggs opened the public comment portion of the meeting.

Public Comments:

  • Vicky M. Wadler, Rosincress Drive, has been working with staff and Police to get the 25 mph speed enforced.  She informed the TAC that two accidents occurred in front of her house due to out of control vehicles.  Ms. Wadler is in favor of the Radar Speed Display sign preferably the 15-inch dimension with flashing speed reduced to 25 mph.

Harvey Riggs commented that he is confident that the RSDS will cause speed reduction at Rosincress Drive.

  • Judy Ewing, La Copita Court, stated that she has seen traffic and speeding at Twin Creeks at various times of the day.  She asked about the traffic going towards Norris Canyon Road which is equally heavy. 

Harvey Riggs stated that the traffic flows at Twin Creeks which comes off from Norris Canyon Road to the right turn northbound on Twin Creeks. 

  • Pat Wirth, Twin Creek Drive, expressed her full support for the RSDS.   She said that speeding causes concern for elderly people who may get hit by cars speeding on that street.
  • Terry Faulhaber, Rosincress Drive, said that he sees traffic all day and wants to know if speed could be reduced to 15 mph similar to Licac Ridge.

PJ Dhoot clarified that Lilac Ridge’s speed limit sign of 15 mph was installed by Peach Tree HOA which is not an approved speed limit sign and therefore not enforceable.  PJ added that 25 mph speed limit is the enforceable speed on residential streets .  A request was made for Peach Tree HOA to remove the signage of 15 mph to avoid confusion of the speed limit.

  • Sal Vora, Rosincress Drive, stated that RSDS is moving in the right direction and considers this as a partial solution to an excessive amount of speeding which has gotten worse within the past two years.  He suggested that speeds be lowered to 25 mph, and prefers if the sign is moved further up north.
  • Phil O’Loane, Rosincress resident, said that he is not interested in lowering the speed to 25 mph for two reasons (1) it’s in front of the park (2) people tend to slow down for an extended period of time because of the sign.  His suggestion is to follow the advice of the TAC and staff and see how it works.  Mr. O’Loane stated that the RSDS makes sense and is a great use of technology.  Mr. O’Loane expressed his appreciation to the TAC and staff for their efforts in resolving the concerns of the residents.    

  • Trent Fuhrman, Compton Circle, said that he is behind the 25 mph and the signage because people race up and down the street at any given time.  He suggested that a 4-way stop sign be considered on Canyon Creek to address speeding problems.  He is in favor of the Radar Speed Display Sign.

Harvey Riggs asked staff to provide the address and location of Twin Creeks where the RSDS will be installed.

M/S/C/U (Trembley/Rathman) to install one 15- inch Radar Speed Display Sign on the existing light Pole along northbound Rosincress Drive and install one 15-inch Radar Speed Display Sign on the existing light pole along northbound Twin Creeks Drive.  The motion was carried 3-0.


5.1       County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Status Report

PJ Dhoot gave an update on the CAC who reported that they did not have a quorum at their last meeting.  The committee discussed services changes indicating that it is too early to gauge the impacts of ridership.  She reported that County Connection received 1,000 phone calls a day which is now down to between 350 to 400 phone calls as a result of the service changes.  The Summer Youth Program was also discussed giving special rates and incentives to students.  

Harvey Riggs indicated that transit shelters on Davona/Alcosta need repair and they need to be replaced.

5.2       Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

PJ Dhoot gave a status on active RTC streets as follows:

a.         Thunderbird Drive – staff is awaiting petitions to meet the 75% criteria for the speed hump installation.  Public Hearing will then be scheduled for the May TAC meeting if the criteria are met.

b.         Olympia Fields –  received several comments against the installation of the proposed mitigation measures. 

c.         Monarch Drive – staff requested Police Services to provide selective police enforcement on speed and yielding to pedestrians.

5.3       Review of the San Ramon Bicycle Map Comments

Travis Yokoyama asked TAC for comments on the Draft San Ramon Bicycle Map.   Walt Trembley commented that it should be tied in with the Street Smarts Program.

Peter Rathman commented that there is a disconnect with the audience which seems to be mostly aimed at young children.   Peter also made technical comments on the bicycle map that address safety issues. 

Peter Rathman distributed a comprehensive bike map from the City of Milwaukee which shows on-street bikeways and off-street trails.  The TAC and staff thought that this is a very good map and is open to the idea of introducing it in the future; for now, the City will proceed with a low cost bike map.  Peter thought staff could come up with a simplified scale to reduce the cost. 

Harvey Riggs suggested that new signs be installed in keeping with the pedestrians that should say something like “dual-use pedestrians and bicyclists be aware” and look at the interest on both ends.  Peter thought that a simplified version of the bike map could be worth considering.

Peter Rathman and Travis Yokoyama will get together to discuss in detail several of Peter’s suggestions and technical comments on the San Ramon Bicycle Map.


6.1.      Committee Member Items

Lisa Bobadilla asked the TAC if they are interested in applying for the Contra Costa Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee.  Lisa indicated that San Ramon is still not represented on the Transportation Authority Citizen Advisory Committee.  She stated that if there is no TAC interest, the City will solicit a member of the public by posting it on the City website.

Lisa Bobadilla also reported that the City received six applications to serve on the TAC for one vacant position.  Staff asked Planning Commissioners to interview the six candidates which will take place on April 27, 2009.  TAC appointment is scheduled on May 12, 2009 at the City Council meeting.

Lisa reported that Harvey Riggs did a fantastic job in presenting the TAC Annual Report to the City Council.  Lisa also expressed her appreciation to the TAC members. 

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items

Commissioner Harry Sachs gave an update on the April 6, 2009 Planning Commission meeting in particular the application for the medical office building on Alcosta Boulevard.  Planning Commission is currently reviewing the application and addressing concerns trying to balance residents concerns and the rights of the developers.  Comm. Sachs also gave an update on the housing element where San Ramon was responsible for identifying potential 3,463 housing units geared to low income housing.  The Planning Commission is also looking at Green Building Ordinance which is something he is interested in which will be incorporated in the housing element.

6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Harvey Riggs reported that the teen representative last year and the current teen representative to the TAC this year were both at the City Council meeting and were recognized by the Council.  Both the teen council liaisons did a great job making comments to the Council about the TAC.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled on May 21, 2009, location to be determined.












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