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July 16, 2009
San Ramon Council Chamber
2222 Camino Ramon


Committee Members Attending:  Harvey Riggs, Peter Rathmann, Jim McVay

Committee Members Absent:  Walt Trembley, Victoria Harris, Ken Dawdy                                         

Council Members Attending: None

Planning Commission Liaison: None

Teen Council Liaison: None

Guests Attending: Pat York, George and Susie Stavropoulos, John Roeber, Pam Roeber, Brandon Farrell, Corey Lyons, Jim Call, Julie Lyons, Sylme Ho, Jan Murphy, Kathy and Mel Lamb                                                                                                       

Staff Members Attending: PJ Dhoot, Leslie Chase, and Officer John Goyich

The meeting was called to order by Chair Riggs at 6:30 pm. 


M/S/C/U (McVay/Rathmann) to approve the minutes of the June 18, 2009 meeting as written (3-0).




4.1   Thunderbird Drive Installation of Speed Humps – Public Hearing

PJ Dhoot gave a Power Point presentation on Thunderbird Drive Proposal to Install Speed Humps.  PJ provided background information on the Residential Traffic Calming Program and Phase II of the RTC program which includes the process relative to the installation of speed humps. The positive impact of speed humps is reduction of vehicle speeds which may also reduce vehicle volume.  The cons include increase in noise from vehicles traversing speed humps and noise from decelerating and accelerating, loss of parking spaces adjacent to speed humps, and increase in street signage.

PJ Dhoot discussed the Warrant Analysis which includes the following categories:

  • Critical speed or the 85th percentile speed of the roadway
  • The Average Daily Count (ADT) of the roadway
  • The number of speed related accidents within the past 24 months
  • Special considerations including Safe Routes to School, visibility obstructions and no roadway

PJ also noted that based on the warrant analysis she presented, Thunderbird Drive met the criteria for the installation of speed humps.

Finally, PJ presented the following options for the TAC to consider:

  • Recommend the installation of speed humps
  • Not to recommend the installation of speed humps
  • Recommend the implementation of Phase 1 RTC mitigation measures including deployment of the radar trailer and selective police enforcement
  • Recommend another option for Thunderbird Drive

Public Comments

Corey Lyons, Thunderbird Drive, expressed concerns about speeding problems on Thunderbird Drive.  He stated that the street does not have any impediment to slow the speed of vehicles.  He mentioned that he was responsible for initiating the petition process for the installation of speed humps and received 89% acceptance rate from Thunderbird Drive residents.  Mr. Corey stated that it  is not a safe street even though it was designated as Safe Routes to School.

Brandon Farrell, Thunderbird Drive, stated that Thunderbird Drive is the most dangerous street in San Ramon.  He said that from Pine Valley all the way to Alcosta Boulevard there is not one stop sign and two only two crosswalks all the way to the golf course making no reason for vehicles to stop.  The lack of stop signs and no crosswalks for the kids to cross is a safety concern on Thunderbird Drive.  Mr. Farrrell supports any RTC measures such as speed humps or stop signs that would allow kids to cross Thunderbird Drive, Sciota Avenue, and Pebble Place.

Pam Roeber, a Thunderbird Drive resident since 1985 has seen all kinds of people speeding and not driving safely.  She expressed concern about the safety of the children.   Ms. Roeber stated that the installation of speed humps is long overdue and is in favor of its installation on Thunderbird Drive.

John Roeber, Thunderbird Drive, indicated that he has also seen all kinds of traffic conditions and expressed concerns speeding and traffic safety on Thunderbird Drive and therefore in favor of speed humps.

George Stavropoulous, a Thunderbird Drive for 30 years, stated that he is against the installation speed humps.  He also said that his grandchildren play in the backyard and not in front of the yard.

Susie Stavropoulous, Thunderbird Drive resident, is also against speed humps on Thunderbird Drive.  They lived on Thunderbird for 30 years with no apparent problems.

Pat York, 30-year resident of Thunderbird Drive, stated that she is against speed humps but would like to consider other mitigation measures such as a crosswalk, a stop sign, or reduction of speed limit.  She said that kids going to school need a crosswalk and they should not be playing on the street.

Julie Lyons, Thunderbird Drive, reiterated that her husband who started the petition received 75% of the signed petition favoring the installation of speed humps.  She has observed drivers speeding up to 45 mph on Thunderbird Drive.  She is also concerned about a potential accident with kids riding their bicycles on the street.

Melvin Lamb, a resident of Thunderbird Drive since 1988, noticed that speeding has gotten worse over the years.  He stated that he had been side swiped getting in and out of the car on Thunderbird which he considers a dangerous street.  He expressed his willingness to have the speed hump installed in front of his house.

Jim Call, Thunderbird Drive, opposed speed humps indicating based on university studies and research, speed humps could cause back problems, delay emergency by 13 seconds per hump,  wear and tear on cars, increased pollution and fuel consumption.  Additionally, he indicated that once speed bumps are installed you can’t get rid of them as it is costly to take it out.  He would like to consider alternative measures such as crosswalks and stop sign which will hinder some of the offenders that take the short cut between Pine Valley Road and Alcosta Boulevard. 

Written Comments

Harvey Riggs read the written comments submitted to staff regarding the proposed installation of speed humps on Thunderbird Drive.

Mel and Kathy Lamb, Thunderbird Drive, stated that they are both in favor of the proposed installation of speed humps.  They wrote that they have seen traffic and speed on their street increase greatly and it will only be a matter of time before there is tragedy on the street concerning a resident, child, or golfer crossing the street. 

Chris Chamberlain, Cherry Hills Drive, expressed concerns about notification process for public hearing.  He also stated that the issue of speed humps has not come up for 30 years and that most people understand that they live on a busy street and choose to do so.  Mr. Chamberlain also wrote that speed humps are an attractive nuisance for kids on bicycles and scooters going to school at Walt Disney and Pine Valley which could lead to accidents injuring children.  Finally, he recommends that the proposed speed humps, if considered for installation, be postponed for a year to examine the results of the new bussing system.  He also suggested that signage or painted yellow “slow” sign on the street which might help slow people down. 

Steve Kellis, Pebble Place, opposed the installation of speed humps because traffic will be diverted off of Thunderbird Drive and onto Pebble Place.

Alyssa Hove, Pebble Place, wrote that the installation of speed humps will not only cut down speeding problems but will also remind herself to drive slowly.  Ms. Hove would also like the TAC to consider speed humps on Pebble Place and brought up speeding issues on Olympia Fields Drive and wants to know what is being done about it.

Jack O. Sundberg, Thunderbird Drive, would like to have his vote counted in the affirmative and expressed his concern for safety because of speeders who drive on Thunderbird daily.  He also stated that he would like one right in front of his house to slow people down before someone gets killed or seriously hurt.  Mr. Sundberg pointed out that people are going way over 50 mph on a 25 mph zone.

Jim McVay commented that speed humps are very effective in speed reduction and expressed his concerns about the speeding problems on Thunderbird Drive.  He said that a speed of 38 mph speed is high for a residential street plus there are children in the neighborhood.  Jim also said that safety issues need to be addressed and kids are entitled to ride their bicycles on Thunderbird Drive.

Peter Rathmann concurred with Jim McVay’s comments adding that a 38 mph speed on Thunderbird Drive is high.  Peter said that speed humps are effective in slowing traffic down on Ascot Drive where he lives.

Harvey Riggs commented that speed humps are very effective in slowing traffic in general with a major impact on the 85th percentile. 

Harvey Riggs would like staff to investigate the installation of raised crosswalks and stop signs along Thunderbird Drive at either of the two golf cart crossings and at Sciota Avenue and Pebble Place, in addition to reviewing the installation of speed humps.

M/S/C/U (McVay/Rathmann) to approve the installation of speed humps on Thunderbird Drive (3-0)

M/S/C/U (McVay/Rathmann) to modify the motion by considering Chair Riggs recommendations which include the installation speed humps and the possible installation of raised crosswalks and stop signs where feasible, along Thunderbird Drive, at the golf cart crossings and at Sciota Avenue and Pebble Place.


5.1  County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Status Report

There are no updates on this item since the CAC meeting had been cancelled.

5.2   Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

PJ Dhoot gave a status on active RTC streets as follows:

a.  Balmoral Way – staff received three complaints about neighbor’s speeding.  Staff is scheduling Street Smarts signs to be installed.

b.  Monarch Road – staff requested Police Services to provide selective police enforcement on speed and yielding to pedestrians. Radar Trailer was deployed for two days.  Staff is trying to find out if it meets the warrants for a flashing crosswalk.

Harvey Riggs stated that Balmoral Way has a slight curve coming downhill towards a stop sign. He stated that there shouldn’t be a short cut issue on this street but since it is not yet developed but could potentially cause a problem once it is developed.

Harvey Riggs commented that he is amazed that the City would allow 40 mph by Monarch Park.  He suggested that on the down slope prior to the curve doesn’t have great visibility by the crosswalk and suggested that staff put a caution speed control at least on the downhill side.  This will provide some protection while staff is finishing up on the survey.  Since there is no pedestrian warning sign, staff could put a caution advisory sign at that location.  PJ Dhoot responded that she will look into this matter and implement the TAC recommendation.


6.1. Committee Member Items

Peter Rathmann commented on the construction going on San Ramon Valley Boulevard as it relates to the Bike Lane being closed signs.  He said that there is no problem about bike lane being closed but the City does not have authority to prohibit bicyclists to use other streets. He thinks that the sign is objectionable as it gives the impression that it is illegal for bicyclists to use the sidewalk. 

6.2   City Council Liaison Items


6.3    Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4   Teen Council Liaison



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.  The next regular meeting that is scheduled for August 20, 2009 will be cancelled.  The next scheduled meeting will be on September 17, 2009, location to be determined.





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