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March 18, 2010
Planning Department Conference Room
2226 Camino Ramon



Committee Members Attending:    Harvey Riggs, Peter Rathmann, Victoria Harris, Jim McVay, Ken Dawdy

Committee Members Absent:    None                       

Council Members Attending:   None

Planning Commission Liaison:    None

Teen Council Liaison:   Sai Avala

Guests Attending:     Ray Lo, Jason Marquez, Dan Pineda, Bob Hall, Anne Lynch, Tao Yuan

Staff Members Attending:                 Lisa Bobadilla, Leslie Chase, PJ Dhoot, Officer Springer

The meeting was called to order by Chair McVay at 6:32 pm.   


M/S/C/U (McVay/Dawdy) to approve the minutes of the February 18, 2010 meeting as written (4-0).  Harvey Riggs was not yet in attendance at the time the motion was made.

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       Fioli/Campton Parking   

PJ Dhoot provided an update on the Fioli/Campton parking issue.  She reported that Contra Costa County is conducting research to determine how the consultant justified 27 guest parking spots at the Fioli community given that there are 154 units in the development. 

Ms. Dhoot articulated that Ivy Hill Way is developer-owned that has not yet been accepted by Contra Costa County nor the City of San Ramon.   Staff verified that the entire walkway within Fioli development was a private property that is not part of the regional walkway system.  Closing the walkway will not pose disruption to the master plan for the community.

PJ articulated a three-way approach from the County and City staff:

  • Ivy Hill to be converted into on-street parking, allowing for parking only on the residential portion.
  • Convert Fioli visitor parking to overnight parking for residents.
  • Close the walkway and deter motorists between the Fioli and Campton community.

Staff will finalize the measurements along Ivy Hill Way and discuss options with the developer and Contra Costa County prior to implementation.

Victoria Harris asked about the number of spaces Ivy Hill could accommodate for additional parking.  PJ responded that it is between 40-60 spaces.   

Jim McVay asked staff if the City has any authority to mitigate the Fioli/Campton parking situation.  Staff stated that to date, City acts as liaison between the County, developer, and residents.   The next step is to finalize the parking plan for Ivy Hill Way and set up a meeting with the developer to present the plan for their concurrence and implementation.

Peter Rathmann talked about the objection on the private property signage at Fioli.  Jim McVay observed there were three cars in the same circle and thinks that they would park there as long as they have access to the community.

Public Comment

Jason Marquez, Fioli HOA manager, commented that opening up parking along Ivy Hill would alleviate the parking issues and stated that he concurs with staff’s recommendations.  He reiterated that there is so much negativity between the two communities. 

Mr. Marquez asked staff/TAC about the wall that will be built to close access between the two communities.   PJ responded that the final action regarding the walkway has not yet been determined since the walkway is owned by Fioli and the developer, therefore, staff would have discuss options with the developer and Contra Costa County staff.  Mr. Marquez also asked if the suggested steps could be done in increments since they are making efforts internally to mitigate the parking issue at Fioli.  PJ responded that staff will monitor improvements along Ivy Hill Way before taking a look at the walkway thereby allowing time to evaluate the effectiveness of each step.

Dan Pineda of the Campton community asked Fioli residents not to park in their area and is agreeable to closing the walkway between the Campton and Fioli communities. 

Ray Lo of the Campton community expressed his frustration about the parking situation stating that there are a number of unhappy residents in his community.   Mr. Lo also suggested to close the walkway between the two communities.

Jim McVay closed the public comment.  Staff stated that no action will be taken at this as this an informational item only.  Staff will provide an update at the next TAC meeting. 


5.1       Thunderbird Drive Update

PJ Dhoot provided background on Thunderbird Drive indicating that a decision was made at the January TAC meeting not to agendize this item until there was consensus from residents on the street.  Two petitioners, Corey Lyon and Brandon Farrell received petitions signed that would meet the criteria for the installation of speed humps at all three locations previously identified.  Staff reported that the radar trailer showed a reduction of speed on Thunderbird Drive from 37 to 31 mph. Staff will continue to deploy and monitor the radar trailer. 

Staff requested that TAC recommend a second public hearing at the April 15, 2010 TAC meeting.  A notification mailing within 1,000 ft. radius of each speed hump locations will be mailed to residents.   Upon recommendation from the TAC, this item will go to the City Council for final approval. 

Harvey Riggs observed that one speed hump location shows that only one side of the street supported the request; however, upon further review of said location, staff has determined that it actually met the criteria.  Staff would have to revise the map showing the three homes (9704, 9712, and 9717 Thunderbird Drive) supporting the speed humps therefore meeting the 75% requirement.     

The TAC also discussed the location comprised of only three homes with 2 in favor (9640 and 9653) representing the majority at 66%.  Staff stated that this is the most optimal location and suggested that TAC consider this location for speed hump installation.  Since it did not meet the 75% criteria, Harvey indicated that by approving this at 66% approval, staff will be setting a precedent with a possibility that someone will bring this up in the future. 

Harvey suggested that staff should provide an addendum to the tool kit policy.  It should state that this was a one-time exception that was given consideration due to the geometry of the street, the way houses are located on the street, and is an optimal location for middle speed hump.  It is also his recommendation to include the explanation of the exception in the staff report.  Jim McVay concurs with Harvey’s idea of noting the 66% approval as an exception.

M/S/C/U (Riggs/Harris) to hold the public hearing at the TAC April 15, 2010 meeting (5-0). 

Lisa Bobadilla will verify the availability of the Senior Center conference room to make it convenient to the residents of Thunderbird Drive.   

5.2       County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Status Report

Harvey Riggs reported that the CAC committee received good feedback from the Board members and the committee will move forward with their CAC goals for the year. Harvey also stated that the safety issues have been reported to appropriate staff within their cities and will be handled by their constituency.  He also stated that the CCCTA General Manager will be watchful about the legislation in Sacramento relative to the transfer of taxes from gasoline tax to an excise tax and would then allow the cities to have the tax on diesel fuel.  Discussions on this item will continue with representatives from Sacramento.

5.3       Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets Status

  • Sleepy Meadow Lane and Paddington Way – raised concern on speeding issue.  Staff will monitor selective enforcement and radar trailer results and will bring to the TAC at the next meeting.
  • Portillo Valley Drive – parking and site line was requested from HOA.  Traffic engineering is looking into implementing a lower speed limit and install raised pavement markers throughout the curb.  Staff will give an update at the April TAC meeting.

Harvey Riggs said that staff needs to be careful with installing raised pavement markers, as there is a lot of noise associated with them.  There is a possibility that the next thing will be a noise complaint from homeowners.  Harvey still thinks that staff should try the raised pavement markers since they can easily be removed if necessary.


6.1.      Committee Member Items

Harvey Riggs apologized for missing the Fioli and Campton discussions.  He commented that Fioli has two- car garage with small entry that is sub-standard making it difficult for two emergency vehicles.  The problem to date is the congestion with no construction easements combined with 50-70 dumpsters and commercial vehicles parked all over the area.  This is a place where due diligence should come into play before signing the agreements.   

Harvey reported that there were complaints about the left turn traffic signal timing on Village Parkway and Alcosta Boulevard which takes long for the light to change.  The through traffic doesn’t have a problem. 

Victoria Harris also stated the she noticed the same problem during early in the morning. 

PJ Dhoot stated that this item will be forwarded to the City’s traffic engineering division for review.

Harvey thanked the staff for the installation of a stop sign at the intersection of Wedgewood Road and Camissa Way, as it provides good visibility.    

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Sai Avala commented that people parking on Ivy Hill Lane should make sure that they are inside the parking spot and inside the parking lane.  He also mentioned the construction and congestion concerns on Ivy Hill and the safety factor associated with it.  The committee also talked about the absence of sidewalk on northbound of Ivy Hill which goes right to the curb. 

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2010, location to be determined.   





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