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July 13, 2010

Transportation Conference Room
3180 Crow Canyon Pl., STE 145

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:   Sandy Austin (Chair), Susan Gitlin (Vice Chair), and
Marci McGuire                                        

Committee Members Absent:   Kevin Horan and Thomas Jamison

Council Members Attending:   None

Guest Attending:   None                           

Staff Members Attending:    Darlene Amaral

The meeting was called to order by Sandy Austin (Chair) at 11:25 a.m.


The minutes of the April 6, 2010 meeting were approved as written.




4.1       Transportation Commuter Fairs/Events

Darlene Amaral gave an update on her efforts to market/educate the Southwest Contra Costa employers on using commute alternatives by signing up for the 511 Contra Costa incentive programs.  AT&T is interested in doing a small fair in September.  Susan Gitlin of PS Business Park is interested in having an event sometime this fall. 

Action item:  Follow up with AT&T and PS Business Park.

4.2       Bike to Work Day 2010

Marci McGuire gave an update on Bike to Work Day 2010.  She informed the committee that her AM & PM energizer stations were very busy.  She stated a total of 500 bikers, walkers, and runners came by her stations.  This year there was more media than the previous years. . 

Action item: No action needs to be taken.

4.3       Vanpool Program “new” Incentive

Darlene reminded the committee about a “new” vanpool incentive that will start this year.  The new incentive will extend the passenger incentive for an additional 3 months.  New passengers will be eligible to get reimbursed 50% on their vanpool fare   cost for 6 months, instead of 3 months.  This new incentive will be limited while the funding is available. 

Darlene is working with MarkOne on marketing materials for this new incentive.

Action item:  Provide the committee with an update on number of participants.

4.4       Tri Valley Resource Team on Air Quality

Darlene reminded the committee that the Great Race for Clean Air runs from August 1, 2010 through September 30, 2010.  As of today for San Ramon, the City of San Ramon and AT&T has signed up to participate.  Darlene sent an employer mailing to San Ramon employers encouraging them to participate in the Great Race. 

Action item:  Provide the committee with an update at the next meeting.

5.         NEW BUSINESS

5.1      511 Regional Rideshare

Darlene reminded the committee to visit the 511.org website regularly to get updates on their incentives for commuters.  She informed them that 511 Regional Rideshare has separate incentives from 511 Contra Costa.  The 511 Regional Rideshare offers “free” services to employers and commuters. 

Action item:  No action needs to be taken.

5.2       Discuss invitation of speakers for upcoming TDM meetings

Darlene asked the committee about having other agencies attend the TDM meeting to talk about their specific programs; for example Commuter Checks, Transben, 511 Regional Rideshare, etc.

Sandy Austin suggested a separate meeting would be a good idea if someone is interested in talking to the committee.  Susan Gitlin suggested putting them under public comment portion on the agenda, since TDM meetings rarely have public comment. The committee concurred but stated they are not the ones to make the final decision for their company.  They want to be informed about programs, new incentives and/or services, so that they can send out information to their employees/tenants. 

Action item:  The committee agreed to invite 511 Regional Rideshare to a future meeting to talk about their ridematching service for employers. 


6.1       Current updates local/regional TDM related items

Darlene reminded the committee about the increase in bridge tolls as of July 1, 2010. She handed some handouts to the committee for them to take back to their worksite.

The committee discussed several local transportation related issues and concerns that are happening throughout the County. 

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2010, in the Transportation Conference Room, 3180 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 145.



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