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January 21, 2010
Planning Department Conference Room
2226 Camino Ramon


Committee Members Attending: Harvey Riggs, Peter Rathmann, Victoria Harris, Jim McVay, Ken Dawdy

Committee Members Absent:    Walt Trembley                        

Council Members Attending:   None

Planning Commission Liaison:  None

Teen Council Liaison:      None

Guests Attending:  Corey Lyons, Pat York, Brandon Farrell, Lanny Dana,
Vicki Wadler                                                    

Staff Members Attending: Lisa Bobadilla, Leslie Chase, PJ Dhoot, and Officer Springer

The meeting was called to order by Chair Riggs at 6:30 pm.   


M/S/C/U (McVay/Harris) to approve the minutes of the November 19, 2009 meeting as written (5-0).

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       Compton HOA Parking

PJ Dhoot gave a brief background on the parking situation at the Compton /Fioli community.  A petition was received by staff raising concerns about lack of parking in the neighborhood.  Four evening observations were conducted and staff found a maximum of nine vehicles parked in the neighborhood with no apparent parking problems even during garbage pick-up times.  Findings did not warrant the recommendations raised by a resident which was articulated at the November 2009 TAC meeting.  PJ stated that staff will meet with the residents of the Compton community and association manager of the Fioli community to discuss her findings which was tentatively scheduled first or second week of February.  Staff will update the TAC with any developments regarding this issue at the next meeting.

Lisa Bobadilla addressed the suggestion to stop the construction activities of the Fioli Development stating that the City does not have jurisdiction to initiate action since it is still under County’s jurisdiction.

Harvey Riggs asked staff if the residents are allocated  one parking space at the curb in the Compton community.  Harvey referred to a San Ramon  study regarding the appropriate number of parking spaces for each residence that should be allowed.  The Study recommended that  housing units are built with  2 car garages, and are provided 2 parking spaces in the driveway and typically 1 in front of the house). 


5.1       Thunderbird Drive Status Report

PJ Dhoot provided new information on Thunderbird Drive specifically the addition of a speed hump location.  Staff mailed petitions to nine residents adjacent to each identified speed hump locations for concurrence.  Five petitions were received, 3 in favor and 2 opposed.  Staff re-submitted a second petition to the four homeowners who did not respond to the initial request.  To date, no response has been received from those homeowners.  PJ reiterated that 75% criteria are needed to move forward with the speed humps installation.

PJ discussed the three speed hump locations proposed as follows:

  • For the roadway segment from Pine Valley Road to Sciota Avenue speed hump located at 9696 and 9701 Thunderbird Drive.  2 petitions were sent, one in favor, one did not respond.
  • For the roadway segment from Sciota Avenue to Olympia Fields Drive, speed humps located between 9616 and 9621 Thunderbird Drive.   3 petitions were sent, one in favor and one opposed. 
  • For the roadway segment from Alcosta Boulevard to Olympia Fields Drive, speed humps located between 9530 and 9537 Thunderbird Drive.  4 petitions were sent, 3 in favor and one with no response. 

PJ proposed to re-petition the residents from the new location to meet the 75% criteria.  PJ also stated that the TAC could consider other options such as recommend another location, recommend the installation of speed humps “as is”, or not recommend the installation of speed humps on Thunderbird Drive.

Harvey Riggs opened the public comment portion:

Public Comment:

Brandon Farrell, Thunderbird Drive, asked staff to explain the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) standards with regards to gaining approval on the speed humps installation.  PJ responded that speed control would not be maintained on the entire segment of Thunderbird Drive with only one speed hump.  She added that it is critical to get concurrence on the three locations to make the speed humps effective.  Mr. Brandon indicated they could deal with two speed humps if they couldn’t get three locations approved.    

Mr. Brandon also reminded the TAC about his request to address the Safe Routes to School issue which continues to be a concern.  Harvey Riggs responded that this issue had been addressed during the previous meetings where he stressed that until the City identifies the appropriate locations for speed humps on Thunderbird Drive the selection of the crosswalk locations will be deferred. 

Pat York, Thunderbird Drive, is not in favor of speed humps because it causes pollution and noise which is not good for seniors especially those with health issues.  She would like to see crosswalks located by Cal High and stated that the City has constructed  parks for kids to play, rather than on streets.   Ms. York also mentioned the radar trailer was effective in slowing down vehicles.  She also asked about the purchasing Radar Speed Display Signs.   Harvey responded that if speed humps are installed, it should be accompanied by  signage.  He also indicated that Radar Signs are typically insta

Peter Rathmann asked about the alternate locations and how big the hurdle was to overcome the issue of gathering 75% signatures.  

Jim McVay asked staff if getting 2 out of 3 concurrence at 66% could be construed as majority.  Staff clarified that the criteria is 75% and not 66% so it will be up to the TAC to reconsider this location given that it came close to meeting the 75% criteria.

Harvey expressed his reluctance to continue  discussing Thunderbird Drive until such time residents buy into the program.  Jim McVay added that approval should be based on 75% criteria for installation of speed humps which is consistent with the ITE standard. 

Harvey requested that this item not be agendized until the residents of Thunderbird Drive demonstrate that they could get the 75% approval  on the proposed speed hump location(s) .  As soon as 75% concurrence is received,  the TAC will discuss scheduling a public hearing.  

M/S/C/U (Harris/McVay) request that the residents of Thunderbird Drive gather the 75% criteria for the proposed speed hump location(s), including the  alternate location, and notify staff/TAC when petitions are signed.

5.2       Street Smarts Poster Contest

Nat Rojanasathira, Street Smarts coordinator, provided an update on the Street Smarts Elementary School Poster Contest.  This year’s contest started in January and the deadline for submission is February 8, 2010.  The award ceremony is scheduled for March 11, 2010 at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center and invitations will be sent to the TAC.    

Nat reported that last year, the Street Smarts Storybook Poster Contest received over 300 submissions from elementary school students in the San Ramon Valley which was a big success.   

Lisa Bobadilla acknowledged Nat for his efforts in submitting and receiving a federal grant of $290,000 for the Safe Routes to School Program.  These funds will be used to expand the program and work with elementary and middle schools throughout the San Ramon Valley.  In addition, staff will hire two part-time temporary employees for 18 months to provide assistance in marketing the Street Smarts program throughout the San Ramon Valley.

5.3       County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

Harvey Riggs reported that the CAC has developed  goals for this year.   He stated that the committee is concerned with the ongoing raid of  transit budgets which will necessitate the committee and County Connection to work with local, state, and congress.  The CAC will give an update to the County Connection Board next month along with their analysis on County Connection routes.

5.4       Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

PJ Dhoot provided an update on the Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets as follows:

  • Northland Avenue  – did not meet the stop sign warrant analysis criteria but will be included as part of the SRTS observations.    
  • Arrowfield Way  – requested selective enforcement and deployment of the radar trailer.
  • Sherwood Way – requested selective enforcement and deployment of the radar trailer.  Residents would like to install left turn yield on green sign at the intersection of Sherwood and Eastbranch Parkway.
  • Bent Creek Drive – requested selective enforcement and deployment of the radar trailer.
  • Wedgewood Drive – staff to deploy radar trailer. 

5.5       Radar Speed Display Sign (RSDS) Update

PJ Dhoot provided background information on the Radar Speed Display Sign (RSDS) Program.  The TAC developed a policy to install the RSDS along collector and arterial roadways as an option to reduce vehicular speed.   Since the inception of the program, eight RSDS were installed along public roadways in San Ramon as follows:

  • Eastbound Crow Canyon Road
  • Westbound Montevideo Drive
  • Northbound Morgan Drive
  • Eastbound Norris Canyon Road
  • Northbound Rosincress Drive
  • Eastbound Pine Valley Road
  • Southbound San Ramon Valley Blvd.
  • Northbound Twin Creeks Drive

PJ Dhoot indicated that $40,000 was approved by the Council for the in Fiscal Year 2009-2010 for the installation of four additional RSDS.  Staff conducted site observations on four potential locations and findings from the site surveys and observations have identified the  following potential locations:

  • Eastbound Bollinger Canyon Road near North Gale Ridge Road
  • Southbound North Monarch Road near Monarch Park
  • Northbound South Monarch Road near Gale Ranch Middle School
  • Westbound Windemere Parkway near Holborn Way

Staff will provide the before and after study report of the existing eight locations at the April 15th TAC meeting as well as a status on the four locations for the FY 09/10.

PJ mentioned that there will be training on January 25th for the RSDS program which will include discussion on the maintenance of the equipment.  There is a new wireless device that comes with the newer signs.  Jim McVay asked if staff would consider replacing the older signs with new data recording device rather than spend money on new radar speed display signs.  PJ responded that the signs are from completely different manufacturers.  She will contact Ron Hernandez of Western Pacific Signals to check if it is compatible with the actual recording device that can easily be switched over. Jim said that staff will be spending less on upgrades rather installing new display signs. 

Jim McVay asked staff about the significance of the first location and whether there is crosswalk on Bollinger Canyon Road.  PJ said that this location was not considered in the past since it doesn’t have a crosswalk or residential frontage right on the street but based on its citation history, staff thinks that they should move forward with this location.  If TAC or residents could come up with another recommendation, it will be put on the waiting list. 

Officer Springer stated that section of Bollinger Canyon Road has a high volume of traffic and the section by the golf course has a significant grade where motorists tend to speed up in the mid-70’s coming down the roadway.  The majority of the citations range from 55 mph and over.   

Lanny Dana asked staff if there is a report on the data on Rosincress Drive that he can look at.  PJ responded that the before and after study will be prepared at the April TAC meeting along with the results of the RSDS at eight locations.  Mr. Dana asked what happens after the data has been collected.  Staff responded that the data will be presented to the TAC, reviewed by the Police and Engineering Departments and decide whether to consider another mitigation measure(s) that would supplement the radar speed display sign. 

Lisa Bobadilla indicated that the before and after study on the four existing radar speed display signs showed significant speed reductions.  These findings have enabled staff to justify the expenditure of additional RSDS.

Harvey Riggs stated that a copy of the before and after study of the RSDS will be provided to Mr. Dana once the data is available. 


6.1.      Committee Member Items

Harvey Riggs indicated that the visibility hazard on Camino Ramon north of Bishop Drive is still not being mitigated.  Staff responded that a request to take care of the vegetation had been forwarded to Public Services.  Staff will follow up and get a status on this request and report back to the TAC.

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison


7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2010 in the Planning Conference Room.





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