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February 18, 2010
Planning Conference Room
2226 Camino Ramon, San Ramon



Committee Members Attending:  Harvey Riggs, Peter Rathmann, Victoria Harris, Jim McVay, Ken Dawdy

Committee Members Absent:   None    

Council Members Attending:  None

Planning Commission Liaison:   None

Teen Council Liaison:    Sai Avala

Guests Attending:  Steve Doran, Joe Marquez, Tao Yuan, Erika Salum, Jason Marques, Lu Zhang, Ray

Staff Members Attending:  Lisa Bobadilla, Leslie Chase, PJ Dhoot, Darlene Amaral and Officer Goyich

The meeting was called to order by Chair Riggs at 6:32 pm.   


M/S/C/U (McVay/Harris) to approve the minutes of the January 21, 2010 meeting as written (5-0).

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Lisa Bobadilla congratulated Harvey Riggs and Victoria Harris for their re-appointment to the TAC to serve two additional years.

Harvey Riggs opened the floor for nomination of the TAC’s Chair and Vice Chair.

Victoria Harris nominated Harvey Riggs to serve as TAC’s Chair.  Harvey Riggs nominated Jim McVay as TAC’s Chair and declined his nomination.

M/S/C/U (Riggs/Rathmann) to appoint Jim McVay as TAC Chair.

Jim McVay nominated Peter Rathmann for Vice Chair.

M/S/C/U (McVay/Riggs) to appoint Peter Rathmann as TAC Vice Chair.

Harvey Riggs asked Jim McVay to chair this TAC meeting.

4.2      Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Annual Report

Darlene Amaral, Transportation Analyst, provided an overview of the TDM programs. TDM is intended to reduce demand on the transportation system and focuses on reducing or changing travel demand.  Most TDM strategies are intended to modify travel behavior which may include incentives, disincentives, and employer-based programs.  Darlene discussed the TDM Advisory Committee and their role in the development of TDM program.  Today, the TDM programs include, complimentary employer services, and countywide incentives including, carpool, transit, vanpool, guaranteed ride home as well as student programs (i.e., transit ticket and on-line carpool to school ridematching).

Darlene indicated that the Bike to Work Day Campaign is a statewide annual event held in the month of May.  The 2009 event attracted over 200 participants in San Ramon.    In addition, in 2009, the TDM program included the Employer Transportation Survey for the Southwest Contra Costa.   The goal of the survey is to assess commute behavior among employees and determine the levels of interest in commute alternatives, Spare the Air Programs, and commuter fairs and community events.

Victoria Harris asked staff to clarify what constitutes “disincentives” which is part of the TDM measures. Lisa responded that it has to do with charging for parking and the costs associated with it. 

Harvey stated that it will be good for the TAC to understand the relationship between TDM and Measure J.  Lisa responded that Measure J is a ½ cent transportation sales tax and for jurisdictions to receive the Local Return to Source fund,  they are required to a bi-annual  compliance checklist which includes a TDM program. 

Darlene is the San Ramon/511 Southwest Contra Costa program manager and works with the Southwest agencies to implement TDM programs as well as the City’s programs.  Lisa added that the city has embarked on the development of a clean air plan to meet the recent state legislation to reduce green house gas emissions.   

Jim McVay asked how staff measures the success of the programs.  Darlene responded that each program component includes a survey and participants are asked to provide feedback including  effectiveness (i.e. traffic congestion reduction, emission reductions, level-of-service, etc.)

4.3       2010 TAC Workplan

Lisa presented the TAC’s workplan for 2010 and asked for their feedback.  She discussed the following activities that were presented to the TAC in 2009 providing specific updates on each individual category:

  • Regional Transportation Planning/Projects
  • Local Transportation Planning/Projects
  • Recurring Transportation Program/Activities

Lisa noted that funding, from the school district, is available to repave the back of the Cal High parking lot upon completion of the Cal High construction project.   In addition, the City’s permit parking program will be reviewed at the completion of the Cal High Construction project, sometime in  2011.

The 2010 program highlights are as follows:

Regional Transportation Planning/Projects:

  • I-680 Norris Canyon HOV on/off Ramp Project Study Report – will implement EIR for the project.
  • Iron Horse Trail bicycle/pedestrian overcrossing – seek state/federal grant for design and engineering work.
  • Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency - TRAFFIX – 2010 Service Delivery Plan to be implemented.

Harvey asked if the IHT overcrossing is equestrian friendly. 

Local Transportation Planning/Projects:

  • San Ramon Bicycle Facilities Guide
  • San Ramon Transit Shelter Program’
  • Cal High School – Permit Parking Program

Staff will continue to update the committee on local transportation planning/projects.

Recurring Transportation Program/Activities:

  • County Connection Citizen’s Advisory Committee
  • Residential Traffic Calming Program
  • Radar Speed Display Sign Program Evaluation/Monitoring
  • Safe Routes to School Program
  • Street Smarts Program

Harvey asked “Review and input circulation element for the new General Plan Study” be included on Item 1 which Lisa agreed to include.   Under Cal  High Permit Parking Program, Harvey suggested that  “at completion of construction” be added.  Harvey also asked to provide general information to the committee to review and comment on the Faria Circulation Plan.


5.1       County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee

Harvey Riggs stated that the report to the Board will not be until next month.  He indicated that County Connection received a $1M through the reallocation of the stimulus funds.  They are in the middle of replacing diesel buses with hybrids which will reduce pollution.  There is also a new bus running in Route 36. 

5.2       Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets Status

PJ Dhoot provided an update on the Campton /Fioli communities.  She reported that residents from the Campton community submitted a petition signed by 55 residents to request three things:  issue a stop work order to the builder until adequate parking is resolved, consider resident–only permit parking, and close the access between Fioli and Campton communities. 

Staff conducted observations during the evening hours where up to 9  cars were observed belonging to the Fioli communities along each of the streets within the Campton community.  Transportation staff met with Engineering staff to forward this issue to Contra Costa County.  Staff was also in discussion with the Fioli HOA community and Ms. Lu Zhang of Paddington Court.

PJ Dhoot stated the Jason Marquez, Fioli HOA, indicated that based on their CC&Rs, two cars must be cars be parked in the garage and that these rules are enforced  with 3 warnings followed by citations issued to homeowners.  Staff is trying to understand how the County justified having only 27 visitors and guest parking spots for 154 units and the basis for their studies, consideration is also being given to convert the 27 visitor stalls  to overnight parking for the homeowners, and also a review of the parking along Ivy Hill Road.

Staff is waiting for the County to discuss parking requirements and conditions for the two developments.  At this time, the City does not have jurisdiction in those communities but is initiating discussions between the City, Contra Costa County staff, and developers.

In summary PJ indicated that the City does not have jurisdiction over this project to issue a stop work order to the builder.

PJ Dhoot stated that Ivy Hill Road which is currently a Bike Lane, could be considered as an option by taking over the easement and create parking along that section.  This will be an item for discussion.   Additional information would be provided at the March TAC meeting.

Public Comments

Resident asked staff if there is a precedent with this type of situation and asked how it was resolved in the past.  Harvey responded that County should have an answer to this question.  Lisa added that this item was initiated by the residents in the Campton community and not by City staff.  The precedent would depend on the situation where staff could come up with resolution to hopefully satisfy the residents.  For now, this is still in the beginning phase.

Lu Zhang, Paddington Court, wants to know if it is feasible to stop future construction at the Fioli development.  Lisa Bobadilla responded that the City doesn’t have the authority to stop construction.  Ms. Zhang expressed her frustration and the tension between the Fioli and the Campton communities.  She said since Fioli is private property, they cannot go that community without being questioned by residents stating they are not welcomed at their community.   There is also a safety concern because of residents speeding through Campton community in search of parking spaces.  Ray who is also representing the Campton community reiterated Ms. Zhang’s concern about feeling like they are second class citizens.   He sees cars parked on Paddington Way circling around the cul-de-sac driving really fast.

Officer Goyich told the residents that if they have any safety issues or see suspicious cars regardless of nature to call the Police.  He also stressed are streets are for cars and not for kids to play.

Ms. Zhang stated she would like to propose to close the access between Fioli and Compton communities. 

Jason Marquez, Fioli HOA Manager, would like to stress that one individual is trying to make her voice the voice of all the people at Fioli.  He speaks for the vast majority of the HOA who do not want her to have their voice.  Mr. Marquez is interested in finding a solution and being able to park in the Ivy Hill area that will almost completely resolve the parking issue.

Ms. Zhang wants private property sign removed at the Fioli community as it sends an unwelcomed message.  She also stated that opening Ivy Hill provides limited space of parking spaces which is not sufficient their parking needs.

PJ Dhoot will give an update to the residents at the next TAC meeting.

Public comment is closed.

PJ Dhoot continued discussion on the RTC Calming Streets which includes Sleepy Meadow Lane and Paddington Way speeding issue.  Staff will monitor through selective enforcement and radar trailer results.  For Portillo Valley Drive, staff recommends installation of parking restriction to the City Council at the March 23, 2010 meeting.


6.1.      Committee Member Items

Victoria Harris asked staff how many more potential parking situations are anticipated in Dougherty Valley and the status of build-out.  She also inquired if  San Ramon will have an opportunity to have any influence on parking issues.  Lisa responded that the DV development uses Contra Costa County’s guidelines and policies.  City staff has on-going discussions with the County on a number of issues related to Dougherty Valley, but ultimately County polices are implemented.  Dougherty Valley is about 80-85% built-out.  

Harvey Riggs commented that this is the importance of making sure that San Ramon has the sphere of influence in the Tassajara Valley because without this, the County would be in control of land use decisions, rather than the City.  Lisa reiterated that it is essential to have local control and not lose its ability to make plans in new developments. 

Victoria also asked about the recalibration of the Radar Speed Display Sign, particularly in Pine Valley Road.  PJ will provide an update to the TAC.

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison


7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2010 in the Planning Conference Room.



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