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San Ramon Valley Blvd and Bollinger Canyon Rd
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June 17, 2010
San Ramon City Council Chambers
2222 Camino Ramon, San Ramon

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending: Harvey Riggs, Peter Rathmann, Ken Dawdy, Jim McVay and Steve Filson

Committee Members Absent:   Victoria Harris                   

Council Members Attending:   None

Planning Commission Liaison:          Dennis Viers

Teen Council Liaison:     None

Guests Attending:   Helen Lai, Linda Manina, Joe Marquez, Jason Marquez, Michael Khan, Lu Zhang, Dan Rinoda and Vicki Wadler

Staff Members Attending:                 Lisa Bobadilla and PJ Dhoot.

The meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Riggs at 6:35 pm.   


The meeting minutes of the April 15, 2010 TAC meeting were not approved due to lack of a quorum at that time.

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT

Michael Khan, San Ramon resident, spoke about Bollinger Canyon Road, between Alcosta Blvd and Canyon Lakes Drive. He stated that there have been several accidents along this segment of Bollinger Canyon Road. He is concerned because several accidents caused vehicles to collide with the fence that separates pedestrians and vehicle. He stated that he has brought this to the attention of the City’s Traffic Engineering Division who will continue to work with staff to improve safety.

4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       TRAFFIX Service Delivery Plan


Lisa Bobadilla gave a Power Point presentation on the TRAFFIX outreach and marketing efforts for the upcoming school year. She detailed the strategic marketing plan for each of the four San Ramon schools served by the TRAFFIX program, including: Pine Valley middle, Country Club Elementary, Neil Armstrong Elementary, and Walt Disney Elementary.

She stated that current pass sales are  much higher than the previous year because the pass sales were launched after Spring break and there has been a great deal of outreach by TRAFFIX and City staff at various school events including Open Houses and Family BBQ events.

Lisa Bobadilla  concluded by stating that an update on the TRAFFIX program will be provided to the TAC in the fall.

Residential Traffic Calming Program Cost Recovery Plan

PJ Dhoot presented preliminary research information to the TAC regarding possible opportunity for the City of San Ramon to recover some or all of the costs associated with installing speed humps on local streets. She stated that the City is interested in determining the true costs are of installing speed humps, including both administrative and capital, and if there is a way to charge residents for the cost incurred. She stated that staff has embarked on researching 15 jurisdictions in California and throughout the  U.S. to determine what cost recovery strategies they have in place. PJ Dhoot then solicited feedback from the TAC members.

Harvey Riggs provided a handout to the TAC members and staff that stated reasons for not pursuing the cost recovery programs. He stated that when the TAC/staff initially developed the RTC program in 1996, they reviewed the cost recovery options at the time and decided not to charge the citizens.   Jim McVay and Steve Filson joined in with Harvey  Riggs to state the following concerns about a cost recovery program:

  • Streets belong to all residents; requiring some to pay for improvements and have others use them is not equitable.

  • Residents do not have control over the increase of traffic on their residential street; rather the increase of traffic is a result of City growth, planning and facilities. Streets are designed to the General Plan ( i.e. 500 vehicles per day). If the streets carry higher vehicle volume than this, it’s because of City growth, and is beyond the control of residents.

  • Traffic calming in itself is a cost recovery and a cost savings. The alternate to installing traffic calming measures is deploying a police officer at each location where speeding and traffic complaints originate. The deployment of a police officer is far more costly to the City than the installation of speed humps.

  • Citizens will assume ownership of the street if they pay for capital improvements. Neighborhoods will be played against other neighborhoods, as residents will feel that they own a part of the street and they may be empowered to tell non-residents not to drive there.

  • Residents will be afraid to express themselves, fearing the cost of expression. Though residents may feel there is a speeding problem on their street, they may not want to sign the petition because of their financial situation. Thus, it may be difficult to obtain a 75% consensus and even more difficult to gauge the problem.

  • When the RTC program was first developed, the City looked at a full and/or partial reimbursement program. But the proposal was discarded because it was adverse to City principles. We should not change our program when we have budget problems, when most will agree this shortfall of funds will not continue in the long term.

PJ Dhoot responded that the TAC’s comments will be forwarded to the Policy Committee at an upcoming meeting, and that an update will be provided to the TAC in September.

4.3 Contra Costa Transportation Authority/Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Annual Report

Linda Manini, the City’s representative on the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority’s Citizens Advisory Committee, gave the TAC a brief update on the annual report. She primarily discussed the Vehicle Registration Fee ballot for the upcoming election. She stated how the funding would be used to help transportation in the County. Linda stated that because the fee proposal was incremental, it is projected to be well accepted by County citizens.


5.1       Campton/Fioli Update

Lisa Bobadilla provided an update on the Campton/Fioli parking situation. She stated that City staff has been collaborating with Contra Costa County staff and the Fioli HOA to determine the scope of the parking problem and devise both short-range and long-range plans to alleviate the concerns of both communities.

Fioli resident, Helen Lai, spoke against the City considering allowing public parking along Ivy Hill Way. Ms. Lai stated that there is poor visibility at this intersection and parked vehicles will further hinder sight distance. Ms. Lai also stated that there are numerous problems with the HOA company and management of the Fioli community. She also stated that there should be additional ingress/egress points in the Fioli community. Ms. Lai concluded by stating that the land between the Fioli community and the proposed apartment community should be used as a joint parking area.

Campton resident, Lu Zhang, spoke to show support of the City’s efforts to alleviate the overflow parking that takes place on her residential street. She said she supports the idea of allocating joint parking between the Fioli community and the proposed apartment community while closing the walkway between the Fioli community and the Campton community.

    • Radar Speed Display Sign Before and After Study Data Update

PJ Dhoot provided the TAC with the results of the Before and After Study for the Phase II Radar Speed Display Sign Program. As part of Phase II, the RSDS signs were installed at the following locations:

  • Southbound Morgan Drive, east of Cree Court
  • Northbound Rosincress Drive, south of Rosincress Court
  • Eastbound Pine Valley Road, west of Boxford Place
  • Northbound Twin Creeks Drive, north of Shadow Mountain Drive

The baseline data was gathered prior to the installation of the RSDS at each of the four locations, while the post-counts were taken 4 weeks prior. The results were as follows:


Posted Speed

Before Critical Speed

After Critical Speed


Morgan Drive

25 MPH

35 MPH

28 MPH

-7 MPH

Rosincress Drive

25 MPH

36.5 MPH

27 MPH

-9.5 MPH

Pine Valley Road

25 MPH

37.2 MPH

31 MPH

-6.2 MPH

Twin Creeks Drive

25 MPH

35 MPH

29 MPH

-6 MPH

5.3       Thunderbird Drive Update

PJ Dhoot provided an update regarding the proposal to install speed humps on Thunderbird Drive. She stated that the TAC’s recommendation was forward to the City Council at the June 8, 2010 meeting. At the meting PJ Dhoot provided the City Council with a presentation detailing the process applied to Thunderbird Drive and held a public hearing.  Following the public hearing period, the City Council made a motion to approve the installation of speed humps on Thunderbird Drive. Staff is gathering resources to design and install the speed humps on Thunderbird Drive in September 2010.

5.4       Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets Status

PJ Dhoot reported that the Sleep Meadow community will be receiving selective enforcement for the San Ramon Police Department, in addition to having the radar trailer deployed on their street.

She also stated that the parking restrictions have been installed along Portillio Valley Road and that staff will continue to monitor the location for further improvement opportunities.

5.5       County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Status Report

Harvey Riggs provided comments regarding the County Connection Youth Passavailable during the summer. The discounted youth pass was available at most County Connection pass sales sites and would continue to be on sale though out the summer.   It provides an opportunity to get young people accustomed to using public transportation and makes it easier to use it as adults.  Also, any unused portion of the pass can be used after the program is over and the students return to school in the fall.


6.1.      Committee Member Items

Ken Dawdy reported on a collision that took place between him and a vehicle at the signalized intersection of Alcosta Blvd and Crow Canyon Road. Mr. Dawdy explained the collision and the negligence on part of motorists at that intersection. He stated that pedestrians are a minority and therefore motorists do not understand how to yield the right-of-way and how to identity with pedestrians along the roadway.

The TAC agreed that we need to take steps to improve pedestrian safety in San Ramon, specifically along arterial roadways and requested that staff prepare a report detailing pedestrian collision rates and mitigation measures for the TAC to review at an upcoming meeting.

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items

Commissioner Dennis Viers provided the TAC with an update on the General Plan, and specifically the urban growth boundary. He stated that there are many residents on both sides of the issue, and that it is important to understand what the General Plan is proposing and how that will benefit the City of San Ramon in the long run.

6.4       Teen Council Liaison


7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for July 15, 2010.


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