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November 18, 2010

Planning Conference Room
2226 Camino Ramon, San Ramon

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:       Harvey Riggs, Victoria Harris, Jim McVay, Steve Filson, Ken Dawdy, Peter Rathmann

Committee Members Absent:                   None

Council Members Attending:                    None

Planning Commission Liaison:                    Jeanne Benedetti

Teen Council Liaison:                              Shekar Sharma

Guests Attending:                                   None                                                              

Staff Members Attending:                         Lisa Bobadilla, Alex Weis, Debbie Chamberlain, Lauren Barr

The meeting was called to order by Chair Jim McVay at 6:30 pm.   


M/S/C/U (Riggs/Rathmann) to approve the meeting minutes of the September 16, 2010 as written (6-0).

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT



4.1       Thunderbird Drive Speed Humps Update         

Lisa Bobadilla reported that the speed humps on Thunderbird Drive have been installed with an after study to be conducted in the Spring of 2011.

    • County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC)

Harvey Riggs provided a status report on County Connection CAC.  He talked about a combined committee to reduce staff time.  It was discussed that both committees will rotate each meeting once per month.  Harvey also commented that he opposed the elimination of Route 98.    

4.3       Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets Status Report

Lisa Bobadilla provided an update on Old Ranch Estates Drive with regards to Pedestrian Right of Way stating that observations were completed and staff has installed pedestrian lead time at signal.  Lisa also received a request on El Dorado Drive with regards to intersection visibility.  Staff will amend the Red Curb Master Street to be presented at the City Council in December 2010.

4.3.1    Bollinger Canyon Widening Project

Lisa Bobadilla reported that most of the work has been completed on Bollinger Canyon Road with exception of minor striping which is yet to be completed.  She stated that there will be a meeting with Shapell to discuss road widening from Alcosta Boulevard to I-680.

Ken Dawdy commented that the Bike Lane on Bollinger Canyon is inadequate.   

5.         NEW BUSINESS

5.1       North Camino Ramon Specific Plan Presentation

Lauren Barr, Senior Planner, provided a preliminary overview of the North Camino Ramon Specific Plan (NCRSP).  The area encompassed by the plan is approximately 295 acres. The NCRSP is a long-range planning project tentatively proposed for the implementation in the next 20 + years.  It is a flexible plan based upon Smart Growth concepts including higher density development, transit oriented development, and mixed-use development for both commercial and housing.  Some of the goals of this “business friendly” plan are to help stimulate local revenue, provide opportunities for new businesses and promote the growth of existing businesses. A major motivation for the plan is to stimulate economic development and maintain the quality of life for San Ramon residents.  The plan does not intend to dislocate any existing businesses, but aims to provide opportunities for new businesses in San Ramon and for existing businesses to evolve and grow. 

This proposed development area is a Potential Priority Development Area (PDA) under the ABAG focus program.  PDA’s are focused areas where grant opportunities are available to help fund infrastructure.  The San Ramon City Center Project is an example of a PDA.   Lauren stated that this is a preferred concept plan only, and that the Specific Plan needs to be vetted by San Ramon residents, City staff, as well as other stakeholders.  Preliminary traffic and economic feasibility studies, property owner interviews and a series of workshops on potential plan alternatives have already taken place.  Lauren reported that Planning has developed preferred concept over the past year which he articulated in his presentation.  Lauren also indicated that Planning has completed the environmental review which looked at specific impacts from the Specific Plan including traffic analysis, infrastructure analysis etc. and includes any mitigation measures that may be necessary.  A full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is pending.

The NCRSP’s proximity to the San Ramon Transit Center would support Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and the employment base in the area would support housing.  Types of housing in the area could be apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and could be any type of configuration (vertical or horizontal).  Housing types would likely be decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Summary points regarding some elements of the NCRSP’s land use, circulation, environmental review, housing, non-residential, and general design guidelines are listed below:

  • Road networks have been analyzed and will continue to be analyzed for service during the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process to ensure adequate service levels.
  • Non-residential uses (commercial, retail, office and support services) approximately 3.4 million square feet currently in the NCRSP area.  Net new proposed non-residential use is approximately 1.6 million square feet, totaling just over 5 million square feet, assuming that everything is built-out at the proposed density. 
  • There are no residential units in the area today.  The existing program units under the current General Plan (GP) are approximately 1,100.  Planning is increasing that number to 1,500 to try and increase the after-hours population in the area.
  • Existing employment in the area is approximately 9,500 jobs.  At full build out of the NCRSP would provide about 12,500 jobs.
  • Planning understands the need to encourage walkability throughout the NCRSP area.  Design guidelines and ideas are being formulated now based upon similar successful developments regionally and nationally.
  • Providing a destination retail store is an option, and will be looked into further by Staff.
  •  Opportunities for public spaces throughout the area (specifically near the “Central Spine” which is essentially located parallel with Iron Horse Trail, South of Crow Canyon Rd, and North of Bollinger Canyon Rd.) that would serve as gathering places for public events (e.g. street fairs, farmers markets).
  • Streetscape improvements as well as trail connections are integral parts of the Specific Plan.  There is an understanding that the Iron Horse Trail is a great resource and improved trail connections to the area are a key component of the NCRSP.
  • This is a property owner driven plan, and property owners will decide when it makes sense for them to do something with their property. 
  • The plan has phasing elements to it which enable portions of the plan to be implemented throughout time.
  • Goal to streamline permitting and environmental review process to make it as easy as possible for people to redevelop their properties.

Lauren Barr reported that staff is currently refining the Specific Plan and the EIR. The EIR should be released in early 2011 where there will be a series of public hearings in the Spring of 2011 both before the Planning Commission and City Council with hopes of adoption in late Spring 2011.

Harvey Riggs asked how staff would place the Transit Center in this plan.  Staff responded that they are considering the placement as part of the entire plan.  Harvey also asked about affordable housing and senior housing within the plan.  Staff commented that there are affordable and senior housing policies in the General Plan and that these policies are being carried forward in the Specific Plan.  The details are not refined and will continue to evolve with the plan.  Harvey stated that we need to think about transit as it relates to the plan; secondly, that we have an opportunity to explore how to implement parking in the Specific Plan because parking is going to be required for citizens who don’t have access to public transportation.  He also stated that there seems to be a potential conflict with the Specific Plan and the investments that are being made in the City Center.

Victoria Harris asked about the potential job increases and if those increases are mostly in retail or if they are in office jobs.  Staff responded that it would be a combination of both.  Victoria also asked about the incentives that property owners would be offered.  Staff responded that the incentives are mainly density related and shared parking incentives.  In addition, staff stated that everything is on the table during this preliminary period and that staff is brainstorming on ways to support local property owners and businesses with development incentives.  Victoria Harris also commented about her concern for providing adequate parking in the area.

Harvey Riggs reiterated the need for adequate parking.

Steve Filson asked if and how this plan takes into consideration the new City Center.  Staff noted that this plan is not intended to detract from the City Center, but to complement it.  Steve Filson also asked about the types of regional stores that were shown during the presentation since some were similar to those already existing in nearby cities and towns.  Staff stated that the examples in the presentation illustrate the types and scale of regional stores, but no specific retailers are identified yet.  

Jim McVay asked if other cities have undertaken Specific Plans similar to the NCRSP.  Staff stated that locally the City of Mountain View and the City of Palo Alto have implemented similar Specific Plans.   Jim McVay asked how staff has approached the citizens for feedback on this plan.  Staff stated that they plan on attending a Chamber breakfast, to provide outreach to community groups, and will go through the public hearing process. 


6.1       Committee Member Items


6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison


7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for December 16, 2010.












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