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December 15, 2011

Community Conference Room

2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:      Peter Rathmann, Victoria Harris, Greg Schniegenberg, Jim McVay and Steve Filson

Committee Members Absent:          Harvey Riggs   

Council Members Attending:           None

Planning Commission Liaison:           Jeanne Benedetti

Teen Council Liaison:                     Mischa Fritz, Miranda Shakes

Guests Attending:                         None             

Staff Members Attending:               Lisa Bobadilla, Juanita Davalos, PJ Dhoot

The meeting was called to order by Chair Rathmann at 6:30 pm.   


M/S/C/U (Schniegenberg/Harris) to approve the October 20, 2011 meeting minutes with one amendment to the minutes by Victoria Harris to remove one sentence as Mrs. Harris felt the previous sentence captured her concept well.

M/S/C/U (McVay/Harris) to approve the November 17, 2011 committee meeting minutes as written.

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1  TAC Annual Report

Lisa Bobadilla, Transportation Division Manager, introduced the item. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the item is an annual update to the City Council on the issues and projects that TAC has been working on over the past year. Ms. Bobadilla stated that staff will prepare the PowerPoint presentation and would request that Chair Rathmann give the presentation.  Ms. Bobadilla stated that the item is tentatively scheduled for the January 24, 2012 City Council meeting; Mischa stated that he has a conflict with the Teen Council meeting being the same night, thus Chair Rathmann suggested changing the Annual Report presentation date to February to accommodate the Teen Council representatives.

4.2  Stop Sign Petition Update

PJ Dhoot introduced the item and stated that the City has taken on many mitigation measures along Twin Creeks Drive to alleviate pedestrian and vehicular concerns. She stated that over the course of the past few years the City has done the following:

  • Installed Speed Humps on Canyon Creek Drive
  • Installed Radar Speed Display Sign on Twin Creeks Drive
  • Conducted Stop Sign Analysis at Canyon Creek Drive
  • Relocated the crosswalk on Twin Creeks Drive

Mrs. Dhoot stated that the current pedestrian concern can be alleviated by the installation of additional signage and by trimming the vegetation at the intersection of Canyon Creek Drive. Therefore, Mrs. Dhoot will pursue these two items and provide an update at the next TAC meeting.

4.3 School Site Circulation Update

Mrs. Dhoot stated that the temporary circulation plans in place at both Coyote Creek Elementary and Hidden Hills Elementary have proven to be effective. She stated that at both locations there are benefits to implementing the circulation changes on a permanent basis. Mrs. Dhoot stated that she will process work orders for the permanent installation of the signs and striping in the coming weeks.

4.4 Shop San Ramon First

Juanita Davalos, Office Specialist, provided a presentation on the “Shop San Ramon First” program that the City’s Economic Development Department is promoting. The presentation explained why it is important to shop San Ramon versus neighboring cities, as the sales tax stays in San Ramon. Ms. Davalos highlighted that there are over 90 restaurants in San Ramon and numerous local businesses in San Ramon.


Mrs. Harris asked if the City collects sales tax from vendors at the Art and Wind Festival. Ms. Davalos responded that she was not sure if sales tax was collected but she said the City does charge each vendor a fee for booths at the festival.

Chair Rathmann asked if the City has a way of tracking the effectiveness and exposure of the Shop San Ramon First program. Ms. Davalos said they use Google Analytics to track how many folks are going to the website. She also said that they program is making use of Quick Response codes to access information through smart phones.

Mr. Schniegenberg asked if they are doing anything to solicit corporate business and fill hotel rooms throughout the work week. Ms. Davalos stated that that is a function of the Tri-Valley Convention and Visitor Bureau.

Chair Rathmann asked if we provide information to hotel guests. Ms. Davalos said they place the City’s Restaurant Guide in each hotel room and lobby.


5.1 Public Transit Status Report

Ms. Bobadilla introduced the item and stated that the County Connection will hold a public hearing on January 11, 2012 to consider installing a new bus stop on Tahiti Drive for Route 622 to serve California High School students. If there are no major issues arising at the public hearing, then the new bus stop will be added as part of the service change in March 2012.

Ms. Bobadilla also stated that the County Connection provides service to Dougherty Valley as part of a 5-year demonstration which has been funded through a developer collected fee of $421 per housing unit. The 5-year program will end this year, thus County Connection and Contra Costa County have entered into a new agreement to extend the Route 35 service. As development continues to resume in Dougherty Valley the developer collected funding will continue to go towards the bus service and offset County Connection costs to operate Route 35.

Mischa Fritz asked how many years the new Route 35 agreement is for. Ms. Bobadilla stated that there is no time restriction on the new agreement; the route has been absorbed into County Connection’s general bus service.

Chair Rathmann asked if the developer fee is a one-time fee or recurring. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the fee of $421 is collected once per housing unit built, and it not recurring.

5.2 Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets Status Report

PJ Dhoot, Transportation Specialist, reported on the item.

Sleeping Meadow Way: Mrs. Dhoot stated that the radar trailer is back in service and has been deployed. The resident was pleased to hear that the trailer was online and deployed. She is waiting for the results from the radar trailer to determine next steps.

Parking Restrictions Update: Mrs. Dhoot stated that staff would like to provide regular updates to the TAC on parking restriction requests prior to taking the item to City Council.

Stoneleaf Road: There is limited visibility as motorists turn onto Stoneleaf Road because of the high demand of on-street parking.

Goldenbay Avenue: There is limited visibility of students waiting to cross the street, therefore by installing red curb adjacent to the crosswalk no vehicles will be able to park next to the crosswalk.

Mangos Drive: There is limited visibility as motorists turn onto Mangos Drive because California High School students park up to the curb return.

Chair Rathmann said that the aerial photographs Mrs. Dhoot presented show compliance of parking restrictions because vehicles are obeying the red curb.

Mrs. Harris asked if we consider the number of vehicles that will be displaced by the red curb. Mrs. Dhoot stated that the displacement of vehicles and the transference of the problem is always considered and therefore the amount of parking restriction is limited to the minimum to secure safety.


6.1       Committee Member Items

Mrs. Harris asked if there was an update on the request Harvey Riggs brought up to add a sidewalk near the San Ramon Regional Hospital for pedestrian connectivity. Ms. Bobadilla stated that she will follow-up with Engineering Department staff to get an update.

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Miranda Shakes asked if the County Connection would consider extending the Summer Youth Pass pricing throughout the school year. Ms. Bobadilla said she will pose the question to County Connection.

Mischa Fritz said that his committee organized the Teen Government Shadow Day and they received great feedback from all students. He thanked Mrs. Dhoot for her participation and asked for her feedback. Mrs. Dhoot stated that she enjoyed the event and that the students were eager to learn and be a part of the experience.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.  The next Transportation Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for January 19, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Conference Room.




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