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March 17, 2011

Planning Conference Room
2226 Camino Ramon, San Ramon

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:      Harvey Riggs, Victoria Harris

Committee Members Absent:           Jim McVay, Peter Rathmann, Ken Dawdy, Steve Filson

Council Members Attending:            None

Planning Commission Liaison:           Jeanne Benedetti

Teen Council Liaison:                     Shekar Sharma

Guests Attending:                          Pete Slage

Staff Members Attending:                Lisa Bobadilla, Leslie Chase, Amy Dhaliwal

The meeting was called to order by Harvey Riggs at 6:30 pm.   


Due to lack of a quorum, the approval of the TAC meeting minutes for the November 18, 2010 meeting has been deferred to the April 21, 2011 meeting. 

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       Safe Routes to School Program Update

Lisa Bobadilla, provided updates for the Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS).  Lisa stated that observations conducted by PJ Dhoot for all eleven SRTS school sites began on February 1st and ends in May 2011.  At the conclusion of the observations, a draft report will be generated that will include comment and feedback by My Beat, My School patrol officers, traffic engineering, and PJ’s observations. This report is presented to TAC for review and ultimately goes to City Council for approval.  Once adopted, the City will embark on the recommendations from the report, and install infrastructure in and around those school sites. Lisa then referred to the calendar in the agenda packet that depicted what day each school would be observed.

Victoria Harris asked about a crosswalk near Hidden Hills Elementary School that did not have a crossing guard.  Lisa responded that instead of removing the crosswalk, yield bars were added and have been quite successful thus far to avoid cars entering the crosswalk. Harvey Riggs asked if this was a long-term solution. Lisa responded that it is a long term plan, the red curb removal in front of the school for additional parking, the yield bar, and installing signage. She also stated that the observations for SRTS will show how the changes have eased the traffic in the area.

4.2 Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) 2011 Workplan

Lisa Bobadilla began discussion on the TAC 2011 Workplan. 

4.2.1    Initiate Environmental Review for I-680 Norris Canyon on/off Ramp HOV Project 

Harvey Riggs asked if the Norris Canyon off-ramp EIR was ready.  Lisa said it was not ready because an EIR of this magnitude would take 18-24 months; however, the Transportation Authority has hired a consultant to begin the Initial Study.  Harvey asked if there would be any funding for the project, Lisa said that there is partial funding since it is in the Regional Transportation Plan, making it a priority in the San Ramon Valley. Lisa then stated that the City of San Ramon is working in concert with the Transportation Authority to move the Norris Canyon EIR phase forward.  Lisa will be on the project development team with the Transportation Authority staff as well as Caltrans.

4.2.2    Iron Horse Trail Overcrossing Project – Phase II

Harvey Riggs stated that there would be one or two overcrossings at the Iron Horse Trail, one on Bollinger Canyon Road, and the other on Crow Canyon Road.

Lisa stated that she is in the process of submitting several grant applications; one application is due on March 30th, which is a Caltrans Community Based Transportation Planning Grant and the second application will go to the Contra Costa County Transportation Authority (CCTA) Transportation for Liveable Communities (TLC).  CCTA is in the process of outlining criteria for the program, and the final call for projects will be released in July, and applications will be due in December.  Lisa stated that two grant applications that will be submitted this year will begin the next phase of the Iron Horse Trail Feasibility Study.

4.2.3    Transit Needs Assessment for San Ramon Valley/Southwest Area Transportation

Lisa informed members of the desire for a transit needs assessment for the San Ramon Valley.  The City completed a five year San Ramon Transit Plan several years ago where several transit options for the Dougherty Valley were provided.  Lisa stated that the downturn in the economy has caused County Connection reduced services, even though there is a need for transit dependent people who work at the hotels, restaurants, and retail centers. The hotels have reached out to various cities to advocate with them for transit services in the area. Lisa stated that there are Air District Funds that are available for demonstration shuttles, so a need for the shuttles needs to be shown in order for the funds to be allocated. There have been discussions with the City of San Ramon Economic Development Department, the cities of Lafayette and Orinda, and the Town of Danville to apply for these Air District Funds for this purpose. The plan is to show how successful these demonstration shuttles are, so that County Connection can consider services to these hotels for the near future.

Victoria Harris asked if the Air District funds could be terminated.  Lisa responded that for the time being funding is available. Air District collects funding for these programs through the $4.00 Vehicle Licensing Fee Surcharge.

4.2.4    Tri-Valley Transportation Council Joint Powers Agreement

The Tri-Valley Transportation Council (TVTC) has shown a desire to create a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), and the TVTC relies on a various city members to do the administration work.   There is a plan for those cities to form a JPA similar to TRAFFIX, and contract that for administration. Councilmember Perkins represents San Ramon on the board.

4.2.5    Develop Scope of Work to initiate the San Ramon Bicycle/Trails Master Plan

Lisa stated that an item that is being brought forward by the Parks and Community Services Department to make a citywide Bicycle/Trails Master Plan. Transportation will be providing input, but will not be spearheading the project.

Lisa noted that MTC has allocated funding from the Congestion Management Agency particularly for the counties of Contra Costa, Solano, and Napa to embark on a spontaneous rideshare demonstration project. The demonstration project involves utilizing a cellular device to ask for carpool or vanpool services for a ride. The City of San Ramon has been asked to sit on the project development team; the project will be spearheaded by Contra Costa, Solano, and Napa counties.                         

4.2.6    Recurring Transportation Programs/Activities:

Lisa Bobadilla stated that updates will be provided for County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee, and provided updates on the Residential Traffic Calming Program (RTC) and the results from this year’s radar speed display program.

Harvey Riggs discussed landscape issues that affect traffic in the City of San Ramon. Lisa reassured him that the City of San Ramon responds to concerns, and if other property owners landscape affects signage visibility or impedes traffic, that they are alerted about the matter so they can take care of it.


5.1 County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Status Report

Harvey Riggs attended the County Connection Citizen Advisory Committee meeting, and told how CAC wanted to combine the Accessible Services Committee together to save funding. Harvey stated that this was a poor staff decision, and this would be his last report for the committee.

5.2 Active Residential Traffic Calming Streets Status Report

Lisa Bobadilla reported that the DUI that happened on Santander Drive several months ago had residents worried about future traffic hazards. Accidents have not occurred in the area since the incident, and selective police enforcement monitors Santander Drive.

5.3 TAC Liaison – Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Advisory Committee Update

Lisa Bobadilla stated that the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) committee is made up of 5 members in the business community, and are selected by the City Council.  The committee meets quarterly, the first Tuesday of each quarter. Their main focus is to work on developing programs that reduce the number of work-related car trips. Darlene Amaral is the staff member assigned to the TDM program, and stated that in years past that a committee member from TAC served as a liaison in the TDM Committee, and asked if any committee member was interested.


6.1       Committee Member Items


6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items

Jeanne Benedetti stated that the Planning Commission made recommendations to approve the General Plan 2030 to City Council. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Shekar Sharma talked about the Card Night and Acoustic Night programs that were held to raise money for their budget.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.  The next council meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2011 in the Planning Conference Room.


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