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NOVEMBER 19, 2012
Transportation Conference Room
2401 Crow Canyon Rd



1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:        Sandy Austin (Chair), Ann Uawithya, Sheri Glaser, and Chris Week

Committee Members Absent:            Marlisa Zamora

Council Members Attending:             None

Guest Attending:                             None

Staff Members Attending:                 Darlene Amaral, Amy Sekhon

The meeting was called to order by Sandy Austin (Chair) at 11:38 a.m.


M/S/C/U (Glaser/Uawithya) to approve the September 17, 2012 meeting minutes as written (3-0). Chris Weeks abstained from voting.




4.1       Transportation Commuter Fairs/Events

Darlene Amaral, Transportation Analyst, presented the item. Mrs. Amaral stated that AT&T won the Great Race for Clean Air, and held a fiesta to sign up people for carpool and vanpool. Mrs. Amaral stated that she continues monthly tabling for commuter events at AT&T. Mrs. Amaral stated that she would like to work with the committee members to host commuter events at their employer sites. Ann Uawithya stated that a lot of people like to take the transportation information, and would think that the library would be a good place to table an event. Sheri Glaser stated that it is difficult to hold an event since the SRVUSD offices are spread out.

Mrs. Amaral stated that she is working with Marlisa Zamora for the Whole Foods Gala, and will give information on transportation commuter programs. Mrs. Amaral stated that she would give information to committee members, so they can attend.

Chris Weeks stated that he has interesting ideas to promote commuting in the Bishop Ranch area. Mr. Weeks talked about a tracking device that registers bicycle/walking trips, which will provide incentives for those who commute in that manner, he stated that he would have to work with local businesses in order for the idea to work. Mr. Weeks also stated that Bishop Ranch Transportation Center continues to encourage ridesharing, electrical vehicle usage, and commute alternative programs.

Mrs. Amaral stated that the City of San Ramon will be receiving two electrical vehicle charging stations to be installed at the Permit Center and City Hall.

Action item:  No action needs to be taken.

4.2       SB 1339

Mrs. Amaral presented the item; she stated that SB 1339 has passed. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) are working on the bill. SB 1339 will affect employers with 50 or more full time employees, and will have the flexibility to offer their employees one of the following:

  • The option to pay for their transit, vanpooling, or bicycling expenses with pre-tax dollars, as allowed by federal law;
  • A transit or vanpool subsidy up to $75 per month;
  • A free shuttle or vanpool operated by or for the employer; or
  • An alternative program that provides similar benefits in reducing single-occupant vehicles.

Mrs. Amaral stated that most of the committee members’ employers will be affected. Ms. Amaral stated that Bishop Ranch is exempt due to the transit they offer employees. Chair Sandy Austin stated that WageWorks, Commuter Checks, TranBen, etc. are tax free benefits that will help the employer.

Action items: Darlene to provide committee members with updates on SB 1339 in the future.

4.3       511 Contra Costa Countywide Employer Survey

Mrs. Amaral stated that she is currently working with 511 Contra Cost on planning for the survey.  The last survey was conducted in October 2009, and 511 Contra Costa (511 CC) may conduct another employer survey for FY 13/14. Mrs. Amaral stated that this may take place next October. Mrs. Amaral stated that the TDM Committee worked on the Request For Proposals, survey questions, and selected a consultant. 511 Regional Rideshare offer free surveys for employers, Mrs. Amaral contacted them, and is working with them to see if they can help the TDM committee with the survey instead of using a consultant. Chair Austin stated that information from the previous survey did not come completed from the consultant. Mrs. Amaral stated that she had to add into the document as well. Mrs. Amaral stated that they will survey the San Ramon Valley and Lamorinda area.

Action Items: Committee members to notify their employees to fill out the survey when available.

5.        NEW BUSINESS

5.1       Introduce New Committee Member

Mrs.  Amaral stated that Chris Weeks is the Transportation Director for Bishop Ranch Transportation Center.

5.2       TDM Annual Report to City Council

Mrs. Amaral stated that the presentation was made in March 2012 by Marci McGuire who was the Chair of the TDM committee at the time. Mrs. Amaral stated that the annual report will be made by the Chair or the Vice Chair. The presentation will be a few minutes long, and should cover Bike to Work Day, Spare the Air, Transportation and Commuter fairs for the year 2012. Mrs. Amaral stated that she likes to add in an update on the Student Transit Ticket Program, and any update for 511 Contra Costa. Mrs. Amaral stated that an update to the 2012 TDM Workplan will be presented to City Council as well, including the status of TDM by laws, distribution of employer outreach mailings, installation of bike racks and bike lockers.

Action Items: Mrs. Amaral to work with TDM Committee on the TDM Annual Report.


6.1       Current updates local/regional TDM related items

In summary the following items were discussed:

  • Chair Austin inquired about the alternates for the TDM committee. Mrs. Amaral stated that they would have voting rights if there is no quorum, and can attend every meeting, but will not be able to vote if there is a quorum of regular committee members.
  • Mrs. Amaral stated that the ACE train link has been added onto the City of San Ramon website.
  • Mr. Weeks stated that there is a new phone application that commuters can utilize to report real time traffic information. Ms. Glaser stated that it is helpful since information on the internet and radio are not updated quickly.
  • Mrs. Amaral reminded the committee members about holding a commuter event at their employer site, and that she will help plan the event.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:47p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for January 28, 2013 in the Transportation Conference Room, 2401 Crow Canyon Road.



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