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January 28, 2013

Transportation Conference Room

2401 Crow Canyon Rd

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:        Sandy Austin (Chair), Ann Uawithya, and Chris Week                                                       

Committee Members Absent:             Marlisa Zamora and Sheri Glaser

Council Members Attending:             None

Guest Attending:                             Linda Young

Staff Members Attending:                 Darlene Amaral, Amy Sekhon

The meeting was called to order by Ann Uawithya at 11:45 a.m.


M/S/C/U (Uawithya/Weeks) to approve the November 19, 2012 meeting minutes as written (3-0).




4.1       Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Linda Young, WCCTAC/511 Contra Costa TDM Program Manager, presented the item. Ms. Young stated that the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program changed from a voucher program to a reimbursable program starting on January 1, 2013. GRH Program sent out a mailing to registered participants, and will now send an email to all registered participants. Ms. Young stated that 75% of the registered participants of the GRH program were employees of the San Ramon Valley. Ms. Young stated that she is working on creating a new GRH program brochure that will provide the new program information.  Mr. Weeks asked if there is a place on the website where you can attach a receipt; Ms. Young stated that she will verify that. Mrs. Amaral stated that it would be easier to scan all the receipts instead of sending in a hard copy. Mr. Weeks asked when the email will be sent regarding the GRH program, Ms. Young stated that she does not know when, but will provide the committee with a copy of the email. Ms. Young stated that in the mean time you can contact Valerie at 511 Contra Costa for any questions regarding the GRH program.

Action Items: No action needs to be taken.

4.2       Transportation/Commuter Fairs/Events

Mrs. Amaral stated that she would like all committee members to participate in a transportation commuter fair or event, and that she would help committee members plan for the event.

Action Items: No action needs to be taken.

4.3       SB 1339

Mrs. Amaral presented the item; she stated that SB 1339 has passed. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) are working on the bill. SB 1339 will affect employers with 50 or more full time employees, and will have the flexibility to offer their employees one of the following:

  • The option to pay for their transit, vanpooling, or bicycling expenses with pre-tax dollars, as allowed by federal law;
  • A transit or vanpool subsidy up to $75 per month;
  • A free shuttle or vanpool operated by or for the employer; or
  • An alternative program that provides similar benefits in reducing single-occupant vehicles.

Mrs. Amaral stated that the bill has not been adopted, but feels that is important for the committee members to be updated on any information regarding the bill. Ms. Young stated that the bill is also tied in with the One Bay Area Grant, so that could delay adoption of the bill. Mr. Weeks stated that there should be a handout regarding information on the grant.

Action items: Mrs. Amaral to provide committee members with updates on SB 1339 in the future.

4.4       511 Contra Costa Countywide Employer Survey

Mrs. Amaral stated that she is currently working on the TDM budget for Fiscal Year 2013-2014. She stated the last employer survey was conducted in October 2009 for the San Ramon Valley and Lamorinda area. Mrs. Amaral stated that at the last SWAT TAC meeting the Lamorinda area stated that they do not want to participate in a survey, but Mrs. Amaral stated that the San Ramon Valley will participate in the survey. Mrs. Amaral stated that she is working on a Request for Proposals (RFP), and will bring this item back to the TDM meeting in March. Mrs. Amaral stated that she would like to start surveying in October, but that may change.

Action Items: Mrs. Amaral to bring this item back to the next TDM Advisory Committee meeting.

4.5       TDM Annual Report to City Council

Mrs. Amaral stated that the TDM Annual Report may go to City Council on March 26, 2013. Mrs. Amaral stated that the Committee Chair will be presenting the annual report to City Council, and that is just an overview of TDM related items that occurred in calendar year 2012.

Action Items: Mrs. Amaral to update the PowerPoint and review with TDM Advisory Committee.

5.        NEW BUSINESS

5.1       TDM Appointments to City Council

Mrs. Amaral stated that there are two committee members that have decided to renew their membership to the TDM Advisory Committee, Sandy Austin and Ann Uawithya. Mrs. Amaral stated that the item will go to City Council on February 26, 2013.

Action Items: No action needs to be taken.

5.2       Meeting Dates for 2013

Mrs. Amaral stated that the meeting dates are provided in the agenda packet, and would like the TDM committee members to let her know if the dates do not work for them.

Action Items: No action needs to be taken.

5.3       Bike to Work Day 2013

Mrs. Amaral stated that Bike to Work Day 2013 will be held on May 9, 2013. Mrs. Amaral stated that Linda Young will the Contra Costa County representative this year, and will be attending all Bike to Work Day related meetings and arrangements. Mrs. Amaral stated that she has not seen the artwork, but it should be similar to last years. Mr. Weeks stated that he has seen the artwork for Bike to Work Day, and he stated that it is similar to last years. Mrs. Amaral stated that the City of San Ramon will work with Bishop Ranch Transportation Center in hosting an energizer station, and possibly with Whole Foods. Mr. Weeks stated that he is going to be working with committee member Marlisa Zamora on ideas for the Bike to Work Day energizer stations. Mrs. Amaral asked if Bishop Ranch will be giving bags out to participants this year, Mr. Weeks stated that he would not like to purchase bags this year.

Action Items: Mrs. Amaral stated that committee members are welcome to help out at the energizer stations.


6.1       Current updates local/regional TDM related items

In summary the following items were discussed:

  • Mr. Weeks inquired about the Art and Wind Festival. Mrs. Amaral stated that it is an outdoor event near Central Park, there are arts and crafts stations, kite flying, different vendors come to the event, etc. Mr. Weeks stated that a bicycle corral would be a good idea for the festival. Amy Sekhon, Transportation Division, stated that the Parks and Community Services Department is in talks with East Bay Bicycle Coalition for bicycle parking corrals during the event.
  • Mrs. Amaral stated that County Connection made changes for two routes, as of December 23, 2012: Route 96X, 97X and the 600 series (school days only).
  • Mr. Weeks stated that the Bishop Ranch bus passes will be a printed on a clipper card next year.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:17 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for March 18, 2013 in the Transportation Conference Room, 2401 Crow Canyon Road.




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