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February 21, 2013

Community Conference Room
2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon


1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:     Victoria Harris, Harvey Riggs, and Ed Boyan

Committee Members Absent:         Peter Rathmann, Mark Ballock

Council Members Attending:          None

Planning Commission Liaison:          None

Teen Council Liaison:                    Mischa Fritz

Guests Attending:                        Chris Lillie, Darryl Young

Staff Members Attending:               Lisa Bobadilla, Amy Sekhon

Vice Chair Victoria Harris called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.


Due to a lack of quorum, the review and approval of the December 20, 2012 Meeting Minutes have been deferred to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       Election of Transportation Advisory Committee Chair for 2013

Due to a lack of quorum the election of the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Chair for 2013 has been deferred to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

4.2       Election of Transportation Advisory Committee Vice Chair for 2013

Due to a lack of quorum the election of the TAC Vice Chair for 2013 has been deferred to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

4.3       California High School Parking Update

Lisa Bobadilla, Transportation Division Manager, presented the item to the TAC. Ms. Bobadilla stated that Kimley-Horn and Associates were contracted by the City of San Ramon in 2009 to conduct a Parking and Circulation Study at California High School (Cal High). Ms. Bobadilla stated that she has met with a San Ramon Valley School District (SRVUSD) representative at Cal High, and staff took a tour of the parking lot.  The recommendations included in the parking study relates to striping, signage, and marked carpool parking spaces, have been completed.

Ms. Bobadilla stated that the City of San Ramon is taking the lead on additional improvements:

  •  Broadmoor Drive: Striping the road and creating a designated turn lane into the high school from Broadmoor Drive. Ms. Bobadilla stated that she will be working with Traffic Engineering and Public Services for this improvement.
  •  Relocation of Bus Stop: Ms. Bobadilla stated that there is a bus stop in front of the school near the school exit. The City will work with County Connection to relocate the bus stop further down, thereby eliminating blocked driveways at the school site.
  •  Marketing and Outreach Efforts: Lastly, Cal High has implemented carpool parking for students, and would like the school to increase marketing and outreach efforts to students.
  •  Closed Campus Lunch: Another option is to close the campus during the lunch hour, that way students will be more inclined to park in the school rather than on the street.


Mischa Fritz stated that a lot of students use the pedestrian bridge on the Iron Horse Trail behind Cal High. He stated that some students park on Mangos Drive behind the school and enter school through the back gate, but now the gate going into the campus is closed immediately after the school bell rings, and is only opened before and after school.

Ms. Bobadilla stated closing the gates behind the campus may deter students from parking off campus. Ms. Bobadilla stated that SRVUSD will be closing all gates going in and out of every campus after morning and afternoon bell times. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the SRVUSD is doing this for safety reasons.

Harvey Riggs asked if this will be at elementary school sites as well, Ms. Bobadilla stated that she believes this is the school districts’ plan.

Vice Chair Harris asked if the striping on Broadmoor Drive will add to red curb parking restrictions. Ms. Bobadilla stated that it would not since directly, across the street from Cal High is 24/7 permit parking, so red curb will not be necessary.

Vice Chair Harris moved on to Unfinished Business.


    • I-680 Transit Corridor Project Status Update

Ms. Bobadilla stated that the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) has provided updated fact sheets: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Environmental Process, and Timeline for the project which has been posted on the City of San Ramon website. Ms. Bobadilla stated that CCTA and Caltrans are going to hold an I-680 Project Scoping Meeting on March 13, 2013 at the San Ramon Community Center.  Ms. Bobadilla stated that purpose of the open house is to inform the public of the Executive Parkway option. The meeting will provide the public with the preliminary site plan for the direct access ramps on Executive Parkway. The meeting will be an open house type setting with three stations explaining the project; all three stations will have the same information and will be staffed by Caltrans, CCTA, and Circlepoint.


Ed Boyan asked where the public meeting will be held Ms Bobadilla stated that this will be at the San Ramon Community Center.

MS. Bobadilla stated that the postcards for the notice of scoping meeting have been sent out.  The updated information will be posted on the project website, and the CCTA website.

5.2       Public Transit Status Report

Ms. Bobadilla presented the item; she stated that Bishop Ranch and the City of San Ramon submitted a grant application to  Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) to run a direct bus from East Contra Costa County to Bishop Ranch. Unfortunately, the grant application did not meet the grant’s cost effectiveness criteria; however BAAQMD provided good feedback stating that the vehicles need to be some sort of clean fuel vehicle alternative. BAAQMD typically fund shuttle projects that provide the last mile to the work site, which is usually from a BART station, and the shuttle from the station goes directly to the worksite, and San Ramon is not in a mile of a BART station.

Bishop Ranch is getting ready to embark on funding a shuttle bus from San Francisco to Bishop Ranch, since there is currently a demand from within their park to provide that service.

County Connection is working with San Ramon and Bishop Ranch on improving bus pick up and drop off times.  Traffic Engineering is working on signal timings during the morning and afternoon peak times. Ms Bobadilla stated that discussions will be iniated with County Connection on what services the regional transit center will provide once City Center opens in San Ramon.


Vice Chair Harris asked if this means City Center will move forward now. Ms. Bobadilla stated that there is an approved development agreement, but a date has not been determined for the project.

5.3       Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

            Ms. Bobadilla provided the update.

Browntail Way: The Home Owner’s Association (HOA) requested for no parking signage, and no U-turn signage. The HOA believes that parents of Gale Ranch Middle School (GRMS) students are parking along Browntail Way during drop-off/pick-up times. Staff will conduct observations at this location, and prepare a summary for the HOA to determine if parking restrictions/signage are warranted. 


Mr. Riggs stated that when he was at Browntail Way there was about 30 minimum parking spaces on Browntail Way and Maidenhair Way, he stated that he thinks it is residents parking along the streets not parents of GRMS students.

Mr. Boyan asked if there is any visitor parking in the area. Ms. Bobadilla stated that there is no visitor parking, and it is all public streets.

Camino Ramon at the Crow Canyon Commons:  Ms. Bobadilla stated that flashing beacons will be installed at this location as it meets the Pedestrian Enhancement Devices Warrant Criteria (PEDWC) due to high amount of pedestrian activity. The TAC will be notified when the flashing beacons are installed. 


Mr. Riggs stated that it will be great to see the flashing beacons installed at that location.

California High School Pedestrian Bridge:  Transportation received a request to install a midblock crosswalk along Ensenada Drive to access a pedestrian bridge near California High School. Ms. Bobadilla stated that a crosswalk warrant analysis will be conducted.


Mr. Riggs stated that he does not think a midblock crosswalk is safe to install.

Mr. Riggs stated that parking would be eliminated across the street due to visibility.


6.1       Committee Member Items

Vice Chair Harris stated that the “elf” bicycle has been approved to be used in bicycle lanes. The elf bicycle is a wide motorized bicycle, and believes that this will impact travel lanes.

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Ms. Bobadilla stated that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has announced their Summer Intern Program. San Ramon has been selected as a city to receive a summer intern.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20p.m.  The next Transportation Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Conference Room.




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