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March 18, 2013

Transportation Conference Room

2401 Crow Canyon Rd

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:          Sandy Austin (Chair), Sheri Glaser (Vice Chair), Marlisa Zamora, Chris Weeks

Committee Members Absent:              Ann Uawithya

Council Members Attending:               None

Guest Attending:                               None

Staff Members Attending:                   Darlene Amaral, Amy Sekhon

The meeting was called to order by Chair Sandy Austin at 11:37 a.m.


M/S/C/U (Glaser/Weeks) to approve the January 28, 2013 meeting minutes as written (4-0).




4.1       Transportation Commuter Fairs/Events

Darlene Amaral, Transportation Analyst, provided the update. She stated that this year she has sheduled several transportation commuter events. Ms. Amaral stated she will be hosting a commuter event at the San Ramon Legacy Plaza on April 16, 2013. Ms. Amaral stated that she is also working with Bishop Ranch on several relocations for PG&E employees. East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) contacted Ms. Amaral to attend their health fair at Little Hills Ranch in San Ramon. AT&T has informed Ms. Amaral that employees from Pleasanton are going to move to San Ramon, and Ms. Amaral will hold an event at AT&T Pleasanton with County Connection. Ms. Amaral stated that she has not gone to the DVC Campus yet, but will work with Ann Uawithya to plan for an event.

Action Items: Ms. Amaral to continue work on transportation events.

4.2       Bike to Work Day 2013

Ms. Amaral stated that Bike to Work Day 2013 will be held on May 9, 2013. Ms. Amaral provided the committee members with the artwork for this year’s Bike to Work Day (BTWD). Chair Austin asked Ms. Amaral to email her a flyer, so she can send an email regarding BTWD. Ms. Amaral stated that Team Bike Challenge will start in the month of May, where individuals can track how much they have riding their bicycle. Ms. Amaral stated that the City of San Ramon, Whole Foods, and Bishop Ranch will hold one energizer station in the morning at Bollinger Canyon Road. Chris Weeks stated that there will be a “bike blender,” a blender that will blend smoothes with the use of bicycle pedals, and thought this would be appropriate for BTWD.

Action Items: Ms. Amaral to work on BTWD employer mailings.

4.3       511 CC Countywide Employer Survey

Ms. Amaral stated that the survey may start in October 2013. Ms. Amaral stated that she is working on reducing the cost for the consultant. Ms. Amaral stated that the City of Pleasanton is working with 511 on an employer survey for data, employers in Pleasanton fill out the survey, and 511 provides the data to Pleasanton. Ms. Amaral stated that she wants to reduce the cost of the RFP for the survey, to focus funding on incentives for filling out the survey. Ms. Amaral stated that she would like to work with the committee on picking a week/timeframe for the survey. Mr. Weeks stated that he does not think it needs to specifically be a survey week. Marlisa Zamora asked if there is a question regarding special circumstance commuting, i.e. biking to work the day before a holiday to avoid traffic. Ms. Amaral stated that she has not had a question like that before, but it is something to consider. Ms. Amaral stated that the City of Pleasanton does an employer survey and a resident survey regarding commute patterns. Ms. Amaral stated that this may be a good opportunity to do both surveys at the City of San Ramon. Ms. Amaral stated it usually a website link that is sent to the residents.

Action Items: Ms. Amaral to provide the committee with a copy of the survey, and a timeline for the survey.

4.4       TDM Annual Report to City Council

Ms. Amaral stated that the TDM Annual Report will go to City Council on April 9, 2013. Mrs. Amaral stated that the TDM Advisory Committee Chair will be presenting the annual report to City Council, which will be an overview of TDM related items that occurred in calendar year 2012.

Action Items: Chair Austin to present the TDM Annual Report to City Council. Committee members are welcome to attend the meetings.

5.        NEW BUSINESS

5.1       Elect Chair & Vice Chair

Ms. Amaral stated that the committee Chair would be responsible for calling the meeting to order, agenda items, and presenting the TDM Annual Report to City Council. The Vice Chair will fill in for the Chair in the event the Chair is not present.

Chair Austin called for nominations. Vice Chair Glaser stated that she would not like to be nominated for either position. Mr. Weeks stated that he would like to be nominated for a position. Vice Chair Glaser nominated Mr. Weeks as Chair; Mr. Weeks accepted the nomination.

Action Items: Chris Weeks voted as Chair of the TDM Advisory Committee for 2013 M/S/C/U (Glaser/Austin) 4-0.

The TDM Advisory Committee Vice Chair will be voted on at the next regularly scheduled meeting due to a lack of nominations.


6.1       Current updates local/regional TDM related items

In summary the following items were discussed:

  • Ms. Amaral brought updated BART schedules for the committee members.
  • Ms. Amaral stated that there is a bus tracker application for the County Connection, or go on to their website from your phone to find out the real-time arrival of the bus. Mr. Weeks stated that you can receive a text notifying you about the arrival time of the bus.
  • Ms. Amaral spoke to Linda Young about the status of the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program. Ms. Amaral stated that there have not been a lot of the participants in the program. Ms. Amaral stated that if you have the old GRH application you can submit the old forms. 
  • Ms. Amaral stated that the City of San Ramon Art and Wind Festival will be held on Memorial Day Weekend. Ms. Amaral stated that she is working with the Parks and Community Services Department to have East Bay Bike Coalition park bicycles for the event. Mr. Weeks stated that it is similar to a valet service, but for bicycles.
  • Mr. Weeks stated that Bishop Ranch is working on a contract for shuttles.
  • Mr. Weeks brought the new Bishop Ranch transit passes, which is a Clipper Card with the Bishop Ranch logo. He said employees of the business park can show the pass on any County Connection bus and ride “free.”

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m.  The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2013 in the Transportation Conference Room, 2401 Crow Canyon Road.




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