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March 21, 2013

Community Conference Room
2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon


Committee Members Attending:       Peter Rathmann, Victoria Harris, Harvey Riggs, Ed Boyan, and Mark Ballock

Committee Members Absent:           None

Council Members Attending:           None

Planning Commission Liaison:          Jeanne Benedetti

Teen Council Liaison:                     Mischa Fritz

Guests Attending:                          Linda Mannina, Darryl Young

Staff Members Attending:               Lisa Bobadilla, Amy Sekhon

Chair Peter Rathmann called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.


M/S/C/U (Riggs/Harris) to approve the December 20, 2012 meeting minutes as written (5-0).

M/S/C/U (Riggs/Harris) to approve the February 21, 2013 meeting minutes as written (4-0). Chair Peter Rathmann abstained from voting.

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT

Darryl Young, San Ramon resident, suggested that the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) have public comment at the beginning and end of every meeting, allowing residents to make comments about all items discussed.

4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       Election of Transportation Advisory Committee Chair for 2013

Chair Peter Rathmann called for nominations for TAC Chair for 2013. Harvey Riggs nominated Victoria Harris. Vice Chair Harris accepted the nomination, no other nominations were made.

(M/S/C/U) (Riggs/Rathmann) to appoint Victoria Harris as TAC Chair for 2013 (5-0).

4.2       Election of Transportation Advisory Committee Vice Chair for 2013

Chair Peter Rathmann called for nominations for TAC Vice Chair for 2013. Chair Peter Rathmann nominated Harvey Riggs as Vice Chair. Mr. Riggs declined the nomination. Vice Chair Harris nominated Mark Ballock. Mr. Ballock accepted the nomination, no other nominations were made.

M/S/C/U (Riggs/Harris) to appoint Mark Ballock as TAC Vice Chair for 2013 (5-0).

4.3       Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) Citizens Advisory Committee
(CAC) Update by: Linda Mannina, San Ramon, CAC Representative

Linda Mannina, San Ramon CCTA CAC Representative, presented the item. Ms. Mannina stated that the committee meets monthly, has four year terms, reviews agenda items, and has guest speakers attend meetings that discuss transportation related items. She stated committee members consist of engineers, architects, and some are employed by other cities.  Ms. Mannina stated that there is a representative from all “cities” in Contra Costa County, which is a requirement of Measure J. Ms. Mannina stated that the CCTA CAC is active in reviewing Return to Source funding, and reviews the Growth Management Program Compliance Checklist submitted by 21 cities in Contra Costa County. Ms. Mannina stated that the committee reviews the city’s urban limit lines, affordable housing, how cities are trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and so on.


Commissioner Jeanne Benedetti asked Ms. Mannina if she would be willing to serve another four years on the CCTA CAC. Ms. Mannina stated that she would consider serving.

Mr. Young inquired about the application process. Lisa Bobadilla, Transportation Division Manager, stated that when Ms. Mannina’s term expires the CCTA will send a notice to recruit a San Ramon Representative. The City of San Ramon will then recruit a resident by posting information on the website.

Mark Ballock asked where the  meetings are  held. Ms.  Mannina stated that the meetings are held  at the  CCTA  offices  in Walnut  Creek, at  the  Contra  Costa Center located adjacent Pleasant Hill BART Station.

Ms. Mannina stated that the committee  has recently discussed Transit Oriented Development, since it is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by having goods and services, schools, work, all in walking distance. Chair Peter Rathmann stated that is similar to Dublin Village.

Ms. Bobadilla stated the main role of the CAC is to review every Growth Management Compliance Checklist of every city in Contra Costa County. The cities have to demonstrate that they are achieving the compliance, which include maintaining the urban limit line, demonstrate using city general fund money for transportation roads and not just sales tax money, maintaining roads, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program, regional transportation, and other items. Ms. Bobadilla stated if a city does not get their checklist approved, they do not get return-to-source funds.

Mischa Fritz inquired about the funding source. Ms. Bobadilla stated it is from the Measure J half cent sales tax.

Commissioner Benedetti asked if the half-cent sales tax comes from just the county. Ms. Bobadilla stated that is correct.

Mr. Ballock asked if Alameda County has something similar, and uses the funding for bicycle improvements. Ms. Bobadilla stated that yes it is Measure B, but they do not have a compliance checklist to meet. Mr. Ballock asked how much funding is used for bicycle/pedestrian enhancements. Ms. Bobadilla stated that there is a program in the expenditure plan for bicycle/pedestrian enhancements.

Ed Boyan stated that there is a lot of bicycle path reconstruction in the county, including the City of Martinez.

Mr. Riggs suggsted using the term “affordable housing” instead of “low income housing”. Ms. Mannina stated that she will use the term affordable housing.

Mr. Riggs stated that Camino Tassajara is a two lane route, and when the freeway is closed for whatever reason, that route is used. Mr. Riggs stated that the road should be widened since it is Route of Regional significance, and should be an item for the CCTA CAC to consider.

The TAC members all thanked Ms. Mannina for her presentation.

Chair Peter Rathmann moved onto Unfinished Business.


    • I-680 Transit Corridor Project Status Update

Ms. Bobadilla stated that the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and Caltrans held a Public Scoping Session Meeting on March 13, 2013 for the I-680 Direct Access Ramp (DAR) Project. The meeting was held to present the Executive Parkway option to the public. The meeting set-up was at the direction of the Caltrans open house style setting for Scoping meetings. There were three work stations with the same information boards; all manned by Caltrans and Circlepoint staff. The display boards provided information on the Executive Parkway option, Norris Canyon option, visual simulations, and the environmental documents to be completed. Ms. Bobadilla stated that there was an area to complete comment cards as well, and those comments will be addressed in the environmental analysis. Ms. Bobadilla stated for the next 18 to 24 months there will be approximately 14 technical studies completed, and a public hearing will be held when the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is released.


Mr. Riggs stated that Caltrans and Circlepoint received meaningful feedback from the scoping session, and believed that the meeting went very well.

Mr. Fritz asked if this would only be an on/off ramp at Executive Parkway. Ms. Bobadilla stated that it is a proposed on/off ramp, but no overcrossing going to the east and west.

Commissioner Benedetti asked if there was a cost associated with the project. Ms. Bobadilla stated that there is a cost analysis done on all of the proposed project options.

Commissioner Benedetti asked if there was going to be a cost associated with retrofitting the Norris Canyon overpass in the Norris Canyon On/Off Ramps. Mr. Riggs stated that he does not think the retrofitting should be included in the cost for the Norris Canyon option, since Caltrans should retrofit the overpass no matter the outcome of the project. Commissioner Benedetti stated that if the Norris Canyon option is selected they could retrofit the overpass at the same time. Ms. Bobadilla stated that Commissioner Benedetti should submit this as a comment to Caltrans.

Mr. Young stated that “diamond lanes” on Crow Canyon Road should be considered, and use that as an alternative rather than building the on/off ramp. Chair Rathmann stated that this would be a good comment to submit to Caltrans as well.

5.2       Public Transit Status Report

Ms. Bobadilla presented the item. She stated that Viona Hioe, Planning Technician, has been working on the San Ramon Transit Shelter Program. Ms. Hioe has been able to set up a meeting with the Federal Realty, property owners of the Crow Canyon Commons shopping center, on installing the last two transit shelters on Crow Canyon Road. Ms. Hioe will then work on the Transit Shelter Program in Dougherty Valley.

5.3       Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

            Ms. Bobadilla provided the update.

Ivy Hill Way: The Highlands Point Apartments have been constructed on the corner of Ivy Hill Way and Albion Road. Ms. Bobadilla stated that a resident complained that during construction “no parking signs” were removed on Ivy Hill Way. Ms. Bobadilla stated that Public Services will re-install the signs.


Commissioner Benedetti asked if this was near the area where parking may be added on Ivy Hill Way due to the Campton/Fioli Parking issues. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the proposed parking would be further north.

Lilac Ridge Road:  Ms. Bobadilla stated that Lilac Ridge Road is a very long collector roadway, which can be accessed from Crow Canyon Road, and provides direct access to Coyote Creek Elementary School.  When the Speed Limit Ordinance (SLO) was approved by City Council, the speed limit changed on a portion of Lilac Ridge Road from 25mph to 30mph outside the 500ft. school zone radius. Ms. Bobadilla stated that 500 ft. around Coyote Creek Elementary School is the school zone that will remain 25mph. Ms. Bobadilla stated that a resident was concerned about the speed increase due to the SLO, but staff has assured him that the school zone will remain 25mph.


Mr. Boyan stated that he has not seen any new signs installed on Lilac Ridge Road. Ms. Bobadilla stated that signs are being installed in phases, with about 150 signs to be replaced throughout San Ramon.

California High School Pedestrian Bridge:  Transportation received a request to install a midblock crosswalk along Ensenada Drive to access a pedestrian bridge near California High School. Ms. Bobadilla stated that a crosswalk warrant analysis will be conducted at the intersection in the vicinity of the Cal High Pedestrian Bridge.


Mr. Riggs stated that activity on the bridge may change when the campus closes for lunch.

Mr. Ballock asked if anyone could get through the gate. Ms. Bobadilla stated that it is now closed during school hours, and Cal High is considering closing the campus during lunch.

Mr. Fitz stated that in the beginning of February the school started to lock all gates during school hours. Mr. Fitz stated that this may alleviate the parking problem around Cal High.


6.1       Committee Member Items

Mr. Riggs stated that the Police Department should use American-made motorcycles instead of the German-made motorcycles that are used today.

6.2       City Council Liaison Items


6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items

Commissioner Benedetti stated that the Planning Commission has passed recommendations to City Council to change the City of San Ramon Zoning Ordinance, to allow for chicken coupes in large sized lots. The chicken coupes would be for a minimum of 5 chickens, no roosters, and would have to be kept in the rear of the yard. Commissioner Benedetti stated that the Planning Commission has not reached a vote regarding honey bee keeping.

Commissioner Benedetti stated that the update of the Housing Element will begin soon, for 2014-2022. The General Plan will also be updated for 2035 due the Housing Element update.


Mr. Boyan stated that people complained to the HOA regarding a neighbor who had a chicken coupe, and the HOA stated that they could not do anything about it. Commissioner Benedetti stated that the HOA can be more restrictive than the City of San Ramon, as is the case with parking, domestic pets, etc.

Mr. Ballock asked why there will be an update. Commissioner Benedetti stated that there has to be an update for the Housing Element every 8 years.

6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Mr. Fitz stated that the Tobacco Ordinance passed by City Council on February 26, 2013. The ordinance will go into effect on March 26, 2013. Smoking will be banned in parks, and in public portions of apartment complexes unless there is a setback distance of 25feet from all doors, entrances, and windows. Mr. Fitz stated that every year the American Lung Association assigns letter grades (A-F) based on the cities’ Tobacco Ordinance, and San Ramon’s has been graded a D consistently now. Mr. Fitz stated that the Teen Council would like to see the letter grade improved by next year with this new Tobacco Ordinance.


Mr. Ballock asked what percentage of San Ramon’s population smokes. Mr. Fitz stated it is approximately 12% of the population.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20p.m.  The next Transportation Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for April 18, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Conference Room.




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