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May 16, 2013

Community Conference Room
2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon

1.         CALL TO ORDER

Committee Members Attending:       Mark Ballock, Harvey Riggs, and Peter Rathmann.

Committee Members Absent:          Victoria Harris, Ed Boyan                      

Council Members Attending:          None

Planning Commission Liaison:          Jeanne Benedetti

Teen Council Liaison:                    Mischa Fritz and Miranda Shakes.

Guests Attending:                         None

 Staff Members Attending:              Lisa Bobadilla, Amy Sekhon, PJ Dhoot, Ray Riordan, Cathy DeLuca

Vice Chair Mark Ballock called the meeting to order at 6:34pm.


Due to a lack of quorum, the review and approval of the April 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes have been deferred to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

3.          PUBLIC COMMENT


4.          NEW BUSINESS

4.1       City of San Ramon Emergency Preparedness Plan

Lisa Bobadilla, Transportation Division Manager, introduced Ray Riordan, Emergency Preparedness Program Manager. Mr. Riordan provided the TAC members with an update on the Emergency Preparedness Plan. Mr. Riordan stated that the goal of the program is to develop the capabilities within the City of San Ramon to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all emergencies and disasters. To meet this requirement the Emergency Preparedness Manager accepts leadership roles in local, regional, state, and national emergency management efforts. Grant funding have really helped with emergency preparedness program efforts. Mr. Riordan stated that the community has 63 emergency responders for the San Ramon Valley, Walnut Creek, and Dublin. The goal of the program is to train people and organizations to respond to any emergency. Mr. Riordan stated that he has coordinated the training of over 1,100 adults in the nationally supported Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Last year the city adopted the Emergency Management Policy, the city is required to have an emergency operations plan and have simulated drills. Mr. Riordan stated that many city employees and CERT members participated in the drills. Mr. Riordan stated that residential care facilities were evacuated during the drill, to be prepared to do so in case of an emergency. City response and community response to the needs of the community are critical, and the drills proved how collaborative efforts help. The City of San Ramon works collaboratively on emergency preparedness with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD), the San Ramon Valley Fire District, and the Town of Danville.


Harvey Riggs asked if childcare centers are considered residential care facilities. Mr. Riordan stated that the emergency preparedness plan does track where schools, nursery care centers, residential care facilities are located, and they have established response protocols for these sites in the San Ramon Valley.

Mr. Riggs asked if Mr. Riordan coordinates with County Connection for cooling centers. Mr. Riordan stated that Contra Costa County coordinates the efforts based on proper protocol.

Vice Chair Ballock asked if there are any programs set up with the City of Dublin. Mr. Riordan stated that there area programs and communications set up with local jurisdictions.

Vice Chair Ballock asked when the next CERT training will be held, Mr. Riordan stated that it will be in June.

Ms. Bobadilla stated that she attended the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) training. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the training is very helpful, and reinforces what their roles and responsibilities are as city employees.

PJ Dhoot, Transportation Specialist, stated she also attended the training, and found it very helpful.

Vice Chair Ballock thanked Mr. Riordan, and moved on to the next item.

4.2       San Ramon Valley Street Smarts Program Update School Year 2012-2013

Ms. Bobadilla introduced Cathy DeLuca, Street Smarts Program Coordinator. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the Street Smarts Program is a multi-agency effort between the City of San Ramon, Town of Danville, Contra Costa County, and the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. Ms. DeLuca is a Town of Danville employee, but coordinates Street Smarts program efforts on behalf of the San Ramon Valley. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the program has been in place for ten years now, and has expanded over the years.

Ms. DeLuca began her presentation. She stated that the Street Smarts message to the community is to teach children how to be safe on the streets.

Street Smarts Storybook Poster Contest: Every year a local author writes a story about traffic safety theme. The story is given to elementary schools, and the children are to draw a picture for the particular page in the book. Students compete to have their artwork featured in the traffic safety themed storybook. She stated that over 400 elementary school students participated in the Storybook Poster Contest for 2013, and the awards ceremony was held at the Dougherty Valley Performing Arts Center on March 14, 2013.

“Be Reel!” Video Contest: In the valley-wide competition, middle school students work in teams of up to four students to create a 60-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) that focuses on traffic-safety issues. The Fall traffic safety theme was “Helmet Safety” and the Spring theme was “Traffic Safety Mentoring”. Ms. DeLuca stated that 262 children participated in the program in teams, and about 100 videos were submitted. This year the winning video will be announced on May 23, 2013, at the Video Contest Awards Ceremony at the Village Theater in Danville. Ms. DeLuca stated she hopes that TAC members will be able to attend the awards ceremony. Ms. DeLuca stated that the finalist videos will air on Contra Costa Television three times, and the winning video will air throughout the year.

“It Happens” Campaign: The “It Happens” is the high school program. It is an interactive campaign created by Street Smarts that engages teens to learn about driving safety based on their own experiences on the road as a driver or passenger. Ms. DeLuca stated that their activities range from utilizing drunk goggles, displaying a badly wrecked vehicle on campus, and an advertising contest. The contest is an advertising contest based on traffic safety (bicycling, walking, driving, etc.).

Assemblies: The Safe Routes to School Leaders utilize Sam the safety vehicle to teach traffic safety techniques. The assemblies are focused on elementary school students, but are also featured at middle school sites.

Bike Rodeos: Street Smarts hosts bike rodeos as a part of its federal Safe Routes to School grant. At the after-school bike rodeos, staff and volunteers set up obstacle courses and safety games for students to practice their bicycle riding skills. Bicycle helmet checks are performed by trained personnel, and students are rewarded with snacks and refreshments for their efforts. Ms. DeLuca stated that the goal of the bike rodeos is to get students biking and walking to school.

Walk-Bike Challenge: Street Smarts promotes the benefits of walking and bicycling to schools through the Walk/Bike Challenge program. In the online-based program targeted to specific schools, parents learn about the environmental, health, social and financial benefits of walking, bicycling, and rolling (skateboard, roller blades) to school.

Ms. DeLuca stated that Street Smarts staff attends community outreach events including the San Ramon Art and Wind Festival and Summer Concert Series. People can visit the Street Smarts website at www.street-smarts.com to connect to Street Smarts’ social media pages including YouTube to watch the “Be Reel!” video finalists, and connect to the Street Smarts Facebook page.


Vice Chair Ballock asked if there are any incentives for students who enter the Walk-Bike Challenge. Ms. DeLuca stated that there are incentives ranging from sunglasses for participants, to gift cards to winners.

Commissioner Jeanne Benedetti stated that she used to walk to school everyday. Ms. De Luca stated that the program regionally is trying to get students to walk or bike to school more often.

Vice Chair Ballock asked if there will be more programs for the middle schools and high schools. Ms. DeLuca stated that there will be parent-education nights at the middle schools, and traffic safety presentations.

Mr. Riggs asked what is taught during the parent-education nights. Ms. DeLuca stated that staff talks about the Street Smarts traffic safety lessons to parents, so they can reinforce them to their children.

Mr. Riggs stated that it would be nice if there were chaperones watching children as they walk or bike to school. Ms. DeLuca stated that is something the Street Smarts program encourages, the use of walking school buses and bike trains. Walking school buses are children who have chaperones who watch a group children walk to school together, and bike trains utilize the same concept but with the use of bicycles.

Mr. Riggs suggested that it would be nice for high school students to write the storybook for the storybook poster contest.

Vice Chair Ballock stated that there should be a bicycle component for the high school program.

Peter Rathmann stated that when he would commute, the only time he would feel unsafe bicycling was around school drop off zones.

Ms. Bobadilla stated that there are education nights to teach students, and parents about traffic safety.

Vice Chair Ballock moved on to Unfinished Business.


5.1      I-680 Transit Corridor Project Status Update


5.2       Public Transit Status Report

Ms. Bobadilla provided the update. She stated that staff has met with CBS Outdoor, the vendor that provides the transit shelters, on moving forward with installation of transit shelters on Crow Canyon Road and Dougherty Valley. Ms. Bobadilla stated that the priority shelters in Dougherty Valley have been identified.

5.3       Active Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Streets Status Report

PJ Dhoot, Transportation Specialist, provided the update.

Mangos Drive: Ms. Dhoot received a request to install a crosswalk and signage for California High School (Cal High) students crossing the street at Mangos Drive near Ensenada Drive. Ms. Dhoot stated that students park vehicles in the residential neighborhood in non permit parking zones, and cross the pedestrian bridge to enter Cal High. Ms. Dhoot stated that the crosswalk would be a mid-block crosswalk between De Anza Place and Ensenada Drive, which is not recommended to install. The other issue is if the crosswalk was installed, there is no guarantee that students will utilize the crosswalk because their vehicles are parked at further distances from the crosswalk.


Commissioner Benedetti stated that installing a crosswalk would not guarantee that anyone would be utilizing the crosswalk.

Vice Chair Ballock inquired about complaints at Mangos Drive. Ms. Dhoot stated that there has been only one call regarding the location.

Mr. Rathmann asked if there have been any incidents at this location. Ms. Dhoot stated that there have not been any collisions at this location in 20 years.

Riviera Way:  Ms. Dhoot stated that she received a request to address speeding during Cal High bell times. Ms. Dhoot stated that a request for selective enforcement was filled out, and the radar trailer is to be deployed in May at this location. She will present the findings at the next TAC meeting.

Vice Chair Ballock moved on to Committee Member Items.


6.1       Committee Member Items


6.2       City Council Liaison Items

Commissioner Benedetti stated that an ordinance has been passed for chickens. Now chickens will be allowed on City Limits for lots that are 10,000 square feet or larger. Homeowners are allowed to have up to 5 hens, and no roosters, that have to stay inside their coups. The bee ordinance did not pass.

Commissioner Benedetti stated that a new large daycare was approved and it is located along San Ramon Valley Boulevard.

Commissioner Benedetti stated that City staff will be working on the Housing Element update.

6.3       Planning Commission Liaison Items


6.4       Teen Council Liaison

Mischa Fritz and Miranda Shakes stated that today is their last TAC meeting. Ms. Bobadilla thanked the Teen Council Liaisons for their work, and stated that they will be recognized at an upcoming City Council meeting.

7.         ADJOURNMENT

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40p.m.  The next Transportation Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Conference Room.







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