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1. Question: How can I get speed humps on my street?

Answer: Speed humps can be installed on local, residential streets as part of the City’s Residential Traffic Calming (RTC) Program. In order to initiate the speed hump process a petition package must be obtained by the requestor. Once the petition is signed by 75% of the residents along the affected street, City staff will begin to schedule traffic counts and conduct a warrant analysis to determine if speed humps are a feasible option for the particular roadway.

2. Question: Do you know the traffic volumes on San Ramon’s roadways?

Answer: Traffic volumes are recorded on a yearly basis as part of the Citywide Traffic Monitoring Program along major arterial roadways in San Ramon. The data is collected and analyzed annually for key roadways and street intersections to identify problem locations so that necessary mitigation measures can be developed in a timely manner. Traffic count data can be obtained by calling (925) 973-2650.

3. Question: How can I install a stop sign near my house?

Answer: Stop signs are installed for right of way management at intersections where current traffic control is inefficient; and when the proposed location meets the stop sign installation criteria. Stop signs are not installed to slow vehicles or serve as traffic calming mitigation.

In order to analyze the effectiveness of stop sign control at an intersection, many factors must be considered, which include: traffic volumes, traffic accident history, pedestrian volumes, etc. Because stop signs are only used for right of way management, a specific traffic concern may be addressed through other traffic mitigation measures found in the Residential Traffic Calming Program.

4. Question: How can I have radar trailer on my street?

Answer: The City's Radar Speed Trailer can be deployed on local or residential streets. Generally, the trailer is deployed for 1-2 consecutive days along a segmet of roadway where speeding is a concern. In order to request the Radar Speed Trailer, please contact PJ Dhoot at (925) 973-2656.

5. Question: I’m interested in joining a vanpool, carpool, and/or riding public transit.

Answer for Vanpool and Carpool: Vanpools and carpools are available for residents and commuters to, from, or through Contra Costa County. For more information, please call 511 or visit 511.org.

Answer for Public Transit: Local bus service provides public transportation throughout the City of San Ramon and neighboring cities. Bus service, also, connects to regional forms of public transit, including BART and ACE. For more information, please visit cccta.org, acerail.com, and/or bart.gov

6. Question: Is there an incentive for joining a vanpool, carpool, and/or riding public transit?

Answer for Vanpool: Yes. Residents and/or commuters traveling to, from, or through Contra Costa County can join a vanpool and receive a 50% discount off their vanpool fare for the first three months. A participant must complete a vanpool passenger application within three months of joining a vanpool.

As an added vanpool incentive, if a passenger continues to stay in the vanpool for another three months, after the initial three months has been completed, a passenger may qualify for an additional incentive of 50% the vanpool fare for another three months making it a total of 6 months incentive. This is offered to passengers while funding lasts.

Please contact the City of San Ramon Transporation Services for more information at (925) 973-2650

Answer for Carpool/Transit: Yes. Residents and/or commuters traveling, to, from or through Contra Costa are eligible to get incentives. Please visit www.511contracosta.org for more information.

Answer for Transit: Yes. Residents and/or commuters traveling to, from, or through Contra Costa County can try transit are eligible to receive incentives. Please visit www.511contracosta.org for more information.

7. Question: What is the San Ramon Transit Center?

Answer: The San Ramon Transit Center is located at the intersection of Executive Parkway and Camino Ramon and provides 54 parking spaces for residents and/or commuters to leave their cars and meet a carpool, vanpool, or ride public transit. It also provides bike racks and lockers for those residents/commuters bicycling to the transit center.

8. Question: What is TRAFFIX?

Answer: TRAFFIX is a student transportion program designed to reduce traffic congestion along key intersections throughout the San Ramon Valley. The program is funded by the Measure J 1/2 cents sales tax program and is managed by the Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency. Service begun in the 2009/2010 school year and offered at selected school sites within San Ramon. For more information,, please contact Alex Weis, Program Manager for TRAFFIX Student Transportation Services at (925) 866-TRFX or email manager@ridetraffix.com

9 Question: How can I obtain a Suggested Routes to School map for my student?

Answer: Suggested Routes to School Maps are created every summer for the following school year. These maps are designed to encourage students to walk or bike to school as opposed to being driven. The maps take into account sidewalks, crosswalks, crossing guards, traffic signals and stop signs and recommend the easiest route for students. Click here for these maps.

10. Question: What is Street Smarts ?

Answer: “Street Smarts is a traffic safety education program in the San Ramon Valley whose mission is to change pedestrian, driver and cyclist behavior. Through grant funding and community partnerships, Street Smarts offers engaging traffic safety programs at elementary, middle and high schools and the community at large. Find more information about Street Smarts at www.street-smarts.com or by contacting the Street Smarts Coordinator at dolores@street-smarts.com"

Please call the City of San Ramon Transportation Services Division if you have any questions or need additional information at (925) 973-2650.



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