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County Connection Service Restructure and Fare Modification Plan
Posted on 03/01/2019
San Ramon Transit Center

County Connection Service Restructure and Fare Modification Plan

In 2017, County Connection embarked on the process to restructure service throughout its service district in an effort to increase productivity. As public transit continues to be redefined with various new mobility options, County Connection strives to align efficient service with demand.  County Connection staff conducted a data-driven process, which started with a Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA). The COA provided route-by-route data, down to the trip and stop level. In addition to the COA, County Connection also completed a passenger survey.   Six community public hearings were held, including one in San Ramon on July 25, 2018, which was followed by a workshop at the San Ramon Senior Center on September 18, 2018. 

The County Connection Board of Supervisors completed a comprehensive evaluation of existing transit services and approved the system-wide Service Restructure Plan at their meeting on December 20, 2018. Subsequently, on January 17, 2019, the Board approved a Fare Modification Plan.  Both the Service Restructure and Fare Modification Plans take effect on March 11, 2019. 

The approved Service Restructure Plan will serve as the foundation of a new effort towards applying the “right fit” for transit demand throughout the County Connection service area. There are communities throughout the service area that may not generate enough ridership to support mass transit as their transit needs may be better served by one of the other emerging mobility options. Given the proliferation of these options, County Connection and the City will continue to develop transit alternatives in areas where mass transit may not be the ideal solution. The County Connection Service Restructure Plan will eliminate transit service in parts of San Ramon; however, the Plan will reallocate resources to provide service to San Ramon where ridership has steadily increased. 

For San Ramon, the County Connection Restructure Plan includes the following service reductions and enhancements: 

Route 35

Dublin/Pleasanton BART to San Ramon - via Bollinger Canyon Road, Dougherty Road, and the San Ramon Transit Center. Adding Crow Canyon Road to route, expand service to Windemere Parkway, and increase frequency to every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 40-60 minutes during off-peak hours.

Route 36

Eliminate due to low ridership.

The Fare Modification Plan will increase the one-way cash fare to $2.50 (for local and express routes) and will eliminate all paper passes; however, a one-way fare on Clipper will remain at $2.00. Passengers will continue to benefit from the $3.75 Day Pass and Monthly Local/Express Passes, all available on Clipper. The elimination of paper transit passes will affect customer service in San Ramon. Specifically, with the elimination of paper passes on March 11th, the City will no longer offer the ability to sell transit passes at City facilities.

City staff and County Connection have begun an outreach campaign to notify the public of these changes.  Flyers are available at City facilities and information is now on the City’s website.

When available, the San Ramon website will have updated County Connection schedules at, or visit the County Connection website at:

For more information, visit the County Connection website at

County Connections Flyer and FAQs