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City Hall Holiday Lighting Schedule, 2
Posted on 03/01/2019
City Hall Holiday Lighting


San Ramon will once again be lighting up the City Hall Rotunda and adjacent pathways to celebrate holidays and help create a themed marketing corridor.  We have focused on a variety of events to reflect our diverse community, while also focusing on the months between October and March to take advantage of the longer hours of darkness so more people will see the lighting effects. Staff received a lot of positive feedback last year from the community regarding the display. 

Diwali November 7- 21
Veterans Day November 9 – 11
Hanukah December 2 - 10
Christmas December 11 – 27
Lunar New Year February 5 – 13
Valentine’s Day February 13 -15
Presidents Day February 15 – 19
St Patrick’s Day March 15 – 21
Persian New Year March 21 – 27
Public Works Week May 19 – 25