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Future Leaders In Training

Looking for classes for your middle and high school student? Check out the following pages from our Recreation Guide.

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Fall 2018 PROGRAMS

New! Teen Government 101

Curious how City government works? Join us for a fun afternoon to learn about City government, Department responsibilities and work through a mock proposal of a large event that reaches across multiple City Departments. Participants will work in groups with Department representatives to address questions for a short presentation. We’ll see if personal opinions will be swayed as we work through relevant issues to come to a final recommendation.

Topic: Amgen Tour of California Host City Proposal

Grades: 9-12
City Hall
Fri 10/5     12:30pm-4:30pm     Act#1650

New! Guided Meditation Class for Teens
Learn the art of mental & physical relaxation, mindful breathing and body awareness. Learn a skill and practice that calms the mind, relaxes and heals the body, cope with pain and day-to-day stress. Get connected with your inner-self, feel more peaceful, relaxed and happy. Release painful emotions and accelerate healing! Attending in-person meditation sessions, you can easily develop the meditation habit and achieve focus, clarity, and other magical results from your practice.  Ages: 10-18

Dougherty Station Community Center

Tue 09/04-9/25            5:00pm-6:00pm       Act#1510

New! Women’s Empowerment & Healthy Boundaries 
It’s the Year of the Woman! Take charge of your life! In this workshop for moms and daughters to take together, develop healthy relationships and set boundaries with peers and strangers. Empower yourself with your voice, body language and intuition to attract only positive people to you. Learn practical skills to project confidence and inner-strength and keep bullies, sexual predators & unwanted people out of your life. Kurukula- Award-Winning Empowerment endorsed by police & counselors has been training women since 2004. Sign up with a friend! There is a material course fee of $55 paid to the instructor on the day of the class.   Moms and daughters attend together.   Ages: 10/up

Central Park Community Center

Tue 10/23        7:00pm - 8:00pm            Act#1165

Sat 12/08         10:00am - 11:00am       Act#1168


Co-ed Self Defense
Two-hour Self-Defense course specifically designed by master instructor Carl Hultin from the All-American Black Belt Academy in San Ramon. Students will develop power and confidence by practicing the easy to learn self-defense techniques used by professionals. Skills like punching, kicking and blocking technique combined with using elbows and knee strikes. Using specific joint locks to break free from an attacker. Students will practice on the kick bags to develop power and confidence that can protect themselves. Our instructors will simulate various types of attacks so the students will know how to react to them. We hope to help the students overcome any fears they may encounter during a self-defense situation. Ages: 11-18

Sat 10/13         1:00pm-3:00pm       Act#1493

 Online Driver’s Education 
Ages 15 and Up DMV allows teens to receive their Learner's Permit at age 15 ½ and a license at age 16.  This class is the first, required step that must be completed.  This is an online course with videos, animated driving scenarios and sample test questions.  Learn the rules of the road, major causes of traffic collisions, DMV procedures, etc.  A licensed instructor is available to answer any questions.  Receive DMV-approved certificate of completion.  Sign up any time and move at your own pace.  Ages 15+ 

Registration is ongoing.             Act# 1057

Babysitting for Beginners
Babysitting is not just ‘watching’ children, but being responsible for their safety and well-being. This course will focus on setting up your babysitting business, safety and emergency response, diapering, playtime, bedtime, interacting with parents and more. Please wear comfortable clothing to class. Each child will receive a manual to review with their parents and the class is intended to be a 4 hour course -1 class.  Class will be at the Adams Safety Training Center (Bishop Ranch #11)  Ages: 10-14

Sun 10/14         1:00pm-5:00pm       Act#1079

Sun 12/9            1:00pm-5:00pm      Act#1630



There are four ways to register for classes:

  1. Register online at
  2. Mail-In in to 12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon, CA 94583
  3. Fax-In in (925) 830-5162
  4. Walk-in and register at the Community Center at Central Park, Alcosta Senior Center, or San Ramon Olympic Pool and Aquatic Center.