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Get updates The Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Advisory Committee shall:
  • Make recommendations to the staff, and City Council on the delivery of TDM programs, activities, services, and policies.   
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Citywide TDM effort in order to achieve reductions in employment-related single occupant vehicle traffic.
  • Recommend to City Council improvements in City services and facilities to   assist employers in reducing single occupant vehicles. 
  • Implement commute alternative programs.
  • Coordinate TDM efforts with all employers and complexes in the City.
  • Coordinate TDM efforts with local and regional agencies as designated by the City. 
  • Serve as liaison between the City and business community. 
  • Schedule and implement at least one commuter transportation event by hosting an on-site Commuter Fair to help promote commute alternatives to employees and/or tenants.
  • Provide support to coordinate and/or participate at the annual Bike to Work Day Energizer Station.



Patricia Hennigan
Salon X
Term Expires: January 2022
Bryan Weathers
The Sports Basement
Term Expires: January 2022
Yolanda Serrato
San Ramon Marriott Hotel
Term Expires: January 2021
Chris Weeks
Sunset Development
Term Expires: January 2022
Andrew Nice
SR Regional Medical Center
Term Expires: January 2021

Jackie Teixeira Alternate #1
TRC Retail
Term Expires: January 2022
VACANT - Alternate #2
Term Expires: January 2021



Darlene Amaral - Senior Administrative Analyst
(925) 973-2655