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There is no garbage collection on Christmas Day or New Years Day.  During those weeks customers with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday garbage service will have service one day later.  Wednesday customers will have their containers serviced on Thursday; Thursday customers will have their containers serviced on Friday; Friday customers will have their containers serviced on Saturday. Please put your carts out at the curb for collection the night before.


Alameda County Industries (ACI) is the new solid waste, recycling and organics collection and processing company for the City of San Ramon.  For questions regarding how ACI was selected and why garbage  rates are increasing in 2020, please e-mail

For questions regarding ACI's services please contact ACI at (925) 380-9480 or . Additional information can be found at

The City and ACI are aware that some of the lids on the new blue recycling carts have the wrong label.  ACI will be replacing the mislabeled lids as soon as possible.  The label isn't a sticker, it is molded into the lid, so the whole lid will have to be replaced.  You will receive a mailer with further information as to how and when your lid will be replaced.  Until then, please place your recyclables in your new blue cart and your garbage in your new gray cart.   Instructions as to what goes into each cart can be found in the brochure that was delivered in your food scrap kitchen pail, and on ACI's website.

All residents will receive a new food scrap recycling pail.  Tips on how to recycle food scraps can befound here. If you do not currently have an organics cart, you will receive a small, 20-gallon one.  This is a new service for most condos and townhomes in San Ramon. California law will require the City to provide organics collection services to all residents and businesses. More information on the small green cart program can be foundhere.

New Services Provided by ACI :

  • Organics recycling (including food scraps and food soiled paper) for all customers 
  • Kitchen food scrap pails 
  • New color-coded, labeled carts All 3 types of carts (green, blue, gray) available in 4 sizes (20, 35, 64, 96 gallons) 
  • Up to two 96-gallon recycling carts at no additional charge 
  • Up to two 96-gallon organics carts at no additional charge (if not subscribing to the small green cart rate)
  • Paper bags to collect extra yard trimmings (fee applies)
  • Unlimited curbside recycling 
  • Used cooking oil recycling 
  • Two compost give-away events per year 
  • One recycling drop-off event per year

New Garbage & Recycling Contract FAQs

1. Why did garbage rates go up with the new contract?

All four cost proposals that the City received for garbage and recycling services were significantly higher than current garbage rates. The current (2019) rates are based on an earlier RFP process that took place in 2006, and the market has changed dramatically since then. Factors that contributed to the rate increase include:

  • Increased Labor Costs.  Actual driver labor costs increased faster than garbage rates over the term of the current franchise agreement, so the garbage rates were due for a “market correction” at the end of the contract so that garbage rates could reflect the change in labor costs. 
  • Restricted Contamination Levels for Exported Recyclables/Historically Low Recyclables Commodity Revenues. China’s new restrictions on recyclables imports has increased processing costs and diminished the worldwide market for recyclable materials/commodities.
  • State Regulations. New State regulations (SB 1383) require increased organics recycling, color-coded containers, and new container labels.
2. Will my garbage rate change?

Garbage rates will not change until January 1, 2020.  They will not change when ACI begins service on October 1, 2019.  ACI will charge the 2019 garbage rates for October through December 2019.

For most customers, garbage rates will increase on January 1, 2020. The amount of the increase will vary depending upon the amount of garbage service you subscribe to. Recycling and Organics services are included in the rates and do not incur an additional cost.

Rates are based on the size of your Garbage Cart. The first number of the serial number stamped on the front of the cart indicates its size:

  • 2 = 20-GALLON   
  • 3 = 35-GALLON   
  • 6 = 64-GALLON   
  • 9 = 96-GALLON 

The 2019 and 2020 garbage rates for single-family residential customers are shown in the chart below:

2020 garbage rates

garbage rates

Garbage rates will be adjusted annually each January 1 thereafter, based upon rate setting methodologies included in the contract.  For most customers, the rate increase from 2019 to 2020 will be larger than any other potential rate increase during the term of the contract.  The 2020 rate increase represents a one-time adjustment for the new contract and any annual rate increases after 2020 are anticipated to be much smaller.

The Small Green Cart Rate. Residents who only need 35 gallons per week or less of Organics service will be given one 20-gallon or 35-gallon green cart and a discounted garbage rate. To view all residential rates please visit: 

If you live in a condo, townhome, or apartment, your rates may be different than those shown in the chart above. Below are links to the complete sets of rates for 2019 and 2020.  This includes the Small Green Cart Rate, commercial, multi-family, compactor, and roll-off box rates.

3. How Can I Decrease My Garbage Bill?
By properly sorting recyclables and organics, included food-scraps and food-soiled paper, customers may be able to decrease the amount of garbage service needed. Need more recycling space? One additional and/or larger Recyclables cart (up to 96 gallons) is available at no additional charge. Residents subscribing to 64- or 96-gallon Organics service may request one additional and/or larger cart (up to 96-gallons) at no additional charge.

If you do not need more than 35-gallons per week of organics service, you can switch to a smaller green organics cart and receive the discounted Small Green Cart rates.
4. Are we still going to have Neighborhood Clean-Up Days?

ACI will continue to provide 3 neighborhood clean-up days per year, just as in the previous garbage contract.  You can look up your neighborhood clean-up day here: 

In addition, you can now set out up to two large bulky items (60-200 lbs. each) on each clean-up day.  In the last contract the limit was 60 lbs. per item.  ACI will also salvage materials such as clothing, books, sports equipment and toys for re-use through their partnership with St. Vincent DePaul.

5. What new services are included in ACI’s contract?

In addition to the new collection containers and kitchen food scrap pails and the additions to the Neighborhood Clean-Up Program, new or enhanced services include:

a. Unlimited Recycling:  Residents with individual cart service will be able to set out extra recyclables that don’t fit in their recycling cart next to their cart on collection day.  Extra recyclables should be contained in paper bags or cardboard boxes.  Empty cardboard boxes must be flattened, cut down to pieces no larger than 2 feet by 3 feet and stacked next to your recycling cart. Residents may also request larger recycling carts (up to 96 gallons) at no additional charge.  Multi-family complexes with shared/consolidated service will also receive unlimited recycling service at no additional charge. Recyclables at multi-family complexes will be collected in large, shared recycling bins provided by ACI.

b. Kraft Paper Bags for Extra Yard Trimmings:  Residents will be able to purchase large Kraft paper bags to set out extra yard trimmings next to their green organics cart on collection day.  Residents paying the Standard Single-Family Rate may also request larger or additional organics carts (up to two 96-gallon organics carts per home) at no additional charge.

c. Annual Recycling Drop-Off Event:  An annual two-day weekend recycling event in a public location during which residents can drop off recyclables, organics, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, household batteries, clothing, re-usable items, and confidential documents (for shredding) at no charge will be provided.  Dates, times, and locations will be announced.

d. Compost Give-Away Events:  ACI will distribute 1,000 1-cubic-foot bags of compost to San Ramon residents at two events per year (500 bags per event). Dates, times, and locations will be announced. 

e. Curbside Cooking Oil Collection:  Upon request ACI will provide residents with jugs to recycle used cooking oil at the curb on collection day.  This is in addition to the existing curbside recycling program for used motor oil and used motor oil filters. Motor oil and cooking oil cannot be mixed in the same jug and must remain separate. 

f. In-Home Recycling Tote Bags for Multi-Family Dwellings:  ACI will distribute new tote bags to each Multi-Family Dwelling unit in San Ramon prior to October 1, 2019.  Residents can use these tote bags to store their recyclable materials in their homes and transport it to the shared recycling bins in their enclosures.  Each Multi-Family Dwelling unit will also receive a kitchen food scrap pail as mentioned above.

g. Free Bin Push/Pull Up to 25 Feet for Multi-Family and Commercial Customers:  The current contract contains an extra charge for Waste Management to push/pull multi-family and commercial bins in and out of dumpster enclosures for service.  In the new contract with ACI, the bin push/pull charge up to 25 feet from the enclosure is included. Push/pull distances of more than 25 feet will incur a charge. Distance must be verified by ACI personnel.