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The Patrol personnel are the first responders to calls for service and the "front line" of the San Ramon Police Department. The Patrol Division is the most visible and what the community sees of our police department on a daily basis. The officers assigned to this division are courteous, professional, dedicated and responsive to the needs of the City of San Ramon. The primary function of the Patrol Division is to provide core police services to the community.

Patrol Division is responsible for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week response to citizen-initiated calls for service, in addition to officer-initiated activity. Some functions performed by the Patrol Division are preventive patrol, preliminary criminal investigations, traffic enforcement; and response to all emergency situations, accident investigations, and ensuring the safety and security in and around all school zones. The Patrol Division works closely in partnership with other SRPD units, governmental agencies, and community organizations to solve crime problems at the neighborhood level.

The city is divided into five areas, known as “beats”, and police officers are assigned a beat every workday. To augment specific patrol duties, the Patrol Division utilizes three canines and their handlers.

Twenty-seven officers and five corporals provide the first response to calls for police assistance. Six sergeants, also known as Field Supervisors, provide leadership and training for all patrol officers. Patrol sergeants are responsible for all field operations and command critical incidents.

Every San Ramon police officer not only patrols a beat and responds to calls for service, but is also assigned to a school located in their beat area. This program is called "My Beat - My School" and was developed to enhance our level of service and to forge a better relationship with our schools and the youth.Officer Espiritu talks with a young boy at National Night Out.

The officer is expected to:

  • Act as a liaison with the school
  • Become acquainted with school staff and parents through faculty and PTA meetings
  • Be on campus a minimum of one hour per week to develop a positive relationship with the students
  • Be in the school area during mornings and afternoons to address any traffic and safety issues

Officer Danielson assists a student with her helmet at an elementary school bike rodeo.Our officers are encouraged to attend school functions frequently, and make a presence on the campuses during the morning drop-off and afternoon student pick-ups, and during lunchtime and recess periods. As a result, we have received numerous positive comments from school staff and parents.

Patrol Division police officers are thoroughly trained to investigate a multitude of crimes. Officers receive ongoing training with CPR/First-Aid, firearms, self-defense, ethics, defensive driving, search and seizure, interviewing, testifying, and new state and federal laws. Through this training and in-service experience, patrol officers have the expertise and tools necessary to provide the highest quality police service to the citizens of San Ramon.

Fill out an emergency Patrol Request or call (925) 973-2700.  Requests will be conducted on a priority basis.

Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol Unit is staffed by 8 full-time police officers on an as-needed basis for special assignments and events. This unit is supervised by the Traffic Division sergeant. The officers who are currently assigned to Patrol regularly carry their bicycles on a trunk mounted vehicle rack which allows them to use the bikes to patrol business and commercial areas up close, interacting with citizens and employees in an attempt to be more visible and foster a positive relationship resulting in a safer community overall.

Officer Katie Williams on bike patrol at Dougherty Valley High School.

Police Canine Unit (K-9)

The San Ramon Police Department’s Canine Program began in 2003 with one K-9, Dar (he retired in March 2013). The Department realized the value of this additional resource and with the generous donations from the community the program has been extended to three K-9 officers.

Police Service Technicians

Police Service Technicians provide support to other units within the department. PST’s are provided training in order to recognize potential evidence and perform basic criminal investigations. PST’s are tasked with inspecting vehicles for citation corrections and write police reports dealing with non-emergency calls, such as auto burglaries, building burglaries, vandalism, stolen vehicles, lost and found property.

School Resource Officer

San Ramon Police Department’s Youth Services Program has developed over the years to better address the community’s changing juvenile needs and to offer to the youth of our community the opportunity to succeed.


In January 2013, the San Ramon Police Department SWAT Team joined forces with the Walnut Creek and Martinez police department to form a new, multi-jurisdictional SWAT Team known as the Central County SWAT Team. The BART and Pleasant Hill Police Departments joined in 2015.

Traffic Safety

The Traffic Division is responsible for monitoring and soliciting citizen cooperation and compliance with state motor vehicle laws. The focus of its duties is to target hazardous moving violations (speeding, running red lights, careless driving, etc.) and to strictly enforce Driving Under the Influence (DUI) violations in an effort to improve the quality of life for our citizens while traveling on the city's roadways.

Youth Resource Officer

The Youth Resource Program is a collaborative effort between the Police Department and the Parks and Community Services Department, in partnership with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, the California State Youth Employment and Development, parents, local businesses, and the community as a whole.