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Get updates The Transportation Advisory Committee shall, according to City Council approved By-Laws:
  • Act as a clearing house for transportation issues affecting the City of San Ramon, keep the Council updated on transportation issues affecting San Ramon,  and bring those items requiring action before the Council; and
  • Make recommendations to the Council in the following areas when appropriate:
    1. Review and provide recommendation(s) on all transportation related   complaints, comments, or suggestions.
    2. Review County Connection bus ridership, bus routes every six months, and make appropriate recommendations to Council.
    3. Review and provide comments on transportation issues regarding the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), Caltrans, County Connection,  LAVTA, and BART.
    4. Review and provide comments and recommendations on the City's General Plan traffic and circulation elements and specific plans.
    5. Review and provide recommendations for Council on local, state, and federal transportation legislation affecting San Ramon.
    6. Review and provide recommendations on transportation policies, issues, and programs which involve the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) and Tri-Valley Transportation Council (TVTC).
    7. Review and provide recommendations on the Contra Costa Countywide bicycle   plan.
    8. Establish an annual workplan to address specific issues.
    9. Other matters as referred to the Committee from the Council. 



Billy  Hurley
Term Expires: January 2020
Joy Bhattacharya
Term Expires: January 2020
Atul Patel
Term Expires: January 2021
Robert duPont
Term Expires: January 2021
Min Tsao 
Term Expires: January 2021
Nolan Chen
Term Expires: January 2020
Al Pacheco
Chamber of Commerce Representative
Term Expires: January 2020


Lisa Bobadilla - Transportation Division Manager
(925) 973-2651