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The Arts Advisory Committee's purpose is to provide ongoing input to the City of San Ramon on the provision and delivery of cultural arts programs and services in San Ramon. The Committee's main objectives are to:

  • Make recommendations to the Parks and Community Services Commission and City Council on the delivery of various cultural arts programs, activities, services and policies.
  • Appoint Policy, Program, and Facility, standing sub-committees and other sub-committees as necessary to provide preliminary review and comment of recommendations prior to being presented to full Committee.
  • Receive and evaluate input from the community, including input from other individuals and organizations on issues relevant to cultural arts programming.
  • Act as a liaison for cultural arts issues to other governmental, non-profit and private organizations.
  • Serve as a resource and advocate to the City on a wide range of visual and performing arts mediums; work with public to promote arts in the community.
  • Serve as one of the City's review body for public art projects as they move through the advisory and regulatory bodies. Provide feedback to staff on the assessment of current and future needs of cultural arts for the purpose of program and facility planning.
  • Develop and implement a five-year cultural plan including goals and objectives, implementation strategies and evaluation methods; conduct ongoing evaluation and assessment of the cultural plan. 
  • Serve as the City's primary review body for Art Gallery exhibits and Cultural Growth Fund grants.



Christina Vigilia
Term Expires: March 2020
Patrick Tuohy
Term Expires: March 2019
Jenna McCoy
Term Expires: March 2020
David Owens
Term Expires: March 2020
Donna Batchelor
Term Expires: March 2019
Naina Shastri
Term Expires: March 2019
Gary Ford
Term Expires: March 2019
Steve Doran  Alternate #1
Term Expires: March 2019
John Mani- Alternate #2
Term Expires: March 2020


Brad Morris - Parks & Community Services Program Manager
(925) 973-2604