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City Owned Public Art

HuddleUpcloseup HuddleUpprofile
"Huddle Up"
Artist: Chris Rench
San Ramon Sports Park, installed in 2014

"Huddle Up" is the artists abstract interpretation of three team members huddled around a ball covered with San Ramon's sports team values.

people people
Artist: Dale Rogers
Central Park

"People" is over 18 feet long and about 9 feet tall. the sculpture depicts family, togetherness and community.

shadow dancers
"Shadow Dancers"

Artist: David Boyer
Athan Downs Park

This wind driven kinetic sculpture consists of five pinwheel type pieces that spin and create dancing shadows on the ground.

Country Faire Park Country Faire Park
"Springtime in San Ramon"
Artist: Judi Elenbass with assistance from twin creeks school students
Country Faire Park, installed in 2004

This Tile mural depicts life in the San Ramon Valley including landmarks and people enjoying recreational activities

Monarch Park Tile Wall Monarch Park Tile Wall
"Flight of the Butterflies"

Artist: Rich Partida with assistance from San Ramon Teens
Monarch Park, installed in 2006

The individual tiles were created by teens enrolled in the Parks and Community Services Department Teen centers in a project led by artist Rich Partida. The tiles were installed by the developer who built the park.

Fire Truck Park Tile Wall Fire Truck Park Tile Wall
"Fire Truck Park Tile Wall "
Artist: Rich Partida with assistance from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District staff and their families
Firetruck Park, installed in 2006

Rich Partida worked with San Ramon Fire Protection District staff and their families to create whimsical tiles that fit the fire truck theme of the park. The tiles are placed on a seat wall that runs around the play area. The other side of the wall was created by the park developer and depicts a Cityscape with windows on the majority of the buildings however there is one building that the artist has tried to create the imagery of fire by using multicolor tiles rather than blue.

Fire Truck Park Hose
Hose Sculpture
Artist: John Nicol
Firetruck Park

The Park developer was inspired by the theme and created an usual art piece by filling a real fire hose with concrete and mounting it as if it is about to spray water on a fire.

Fire Truck Park boy
Artist: Unknown Mass produced Statue
Firetruck Park

Although this is not an original piece of art it is a lovely art feature that depicts a young boy dressed as a fireman heading off to fight a fire.

wind harp
"Song of the Seasons "
Artist: Ross Barrable
Dougherty Station, installed in October 2008

Song of the Seasons is a Wind Harp. As the breeze blows through the strings the harp emits soft beautiful tones that ebb and change as the direction of the wind changes.