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Youth Hoops League (Grades 1-12) FALL 2018-WINTER 2019

The Youth Hoops League is a recreation basketball league with an emphasis on fundamental skill development.  Standings are not kept in this league because our emphasis is learning, not winning.  Teams are grouped by skill level, school, grade and gender.  Due to the popularity of the league, no friend requests will be accepted. Registration is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis.  The registration deadline is October 10th unless maximum is met prior to this date.

Skills Observation: Players will be placed on teams determined by skills observation, school, grade and gender. Returning players in grades 4-12 do not need to attend the skills observation. ONLY NEW PLAYERS and PLAYERS IN GRADES 1-3 must attend one of the Mandatory Skill Observations on 10/11 or 10/14. Returning players are not required to attend the Skills Observations. The time for each division will be emailed once the player has registered. No friend or coach requests will be accepted this year.

All Skills Observations will take place at Pine Valley Community Gymnasium (3000 Pine Valley Road) 

 Thursday, October 11 Sunday, October 14 
 5:00-5:30pm     Kindergarten 10:00-10:30am     1st Grade BOYS &  1st/2nd Grade GIRLS
 5:30-6:00pm     1st-2nd Grade BOYS & GIRLS  10:30-11:00am     2nd Grade BOYS
 6:00-6:30pm     3rd Grade Boys & 3rd-4th Grade GIRLS  11:00-11:30am     3rd Grade BOYS
 6:30-7:00pm     4th Grade BOYS & 5th-12th Grade GIRLS 11:30-12:00pm      3rd-6th Grade GIRLS
 7:00-8:00pm     5th-12th Grade BOYS  12:00-12:30pm     4th Grade BOYS
   12:30-1:00pm     5th Grade BOYS
   1:00-1:30pm     6th Grade BOYS & 7th-12th Grade GIRLS
   1:30-2:00pm     7th-12th Grade BOYS

Refunds: The last day to request a refund is 10/12. Refunds will not be granted past this date.

Player Packets: Player Packets with team roster, practice dates/times/location, and game schedule will be emailed on 11/15. All league communication will be conducted by email, so please verify your email address is correct during registration.

Practices: Practices will begin the week of December 3rd and will be held one day per week for 1 hour throughout the season. 1st and 2nd Grade divisions will only practice during the week leading up to the games and once games begin, they will practice 30 minutes prior to their weekly game on Saturdays. Practice day, time, and location are assigned and cannot be changed. Refunds will not be granted for players unable to attend practices.

Games: Games will be held for approximately 1 hour each Saturday from Jan. 12-Mar. 2. Game times will vary each week and will be indicated on the game schedule. Games will be played at Iron Horse, Pine Valley, Windemere Ranch or Gale Ranch Community Gymnasiums. All game times, practice times and locations are subject to change based on the league enrollment. Some leagues may be combined depending on registrations.

Uniforms: A San Ramon Youth Hoops jersey is required for each player and is not included in the registration fee. Jerseys will be available for purchase directly from Sports Basement with an estimated cost of $25-$30. Ordering information will be distributed after registration. We will be using a new jersey design this year.

Price: $160(R)/$200(NR)

Important Dates:

 August 6  Registration Begins
October 10 Registration Deadline (Unless maximum is met prior)
October 12 Refund Deadline
October 11 or 14 Skills Observations at Pine Valley Gym
November 15 Player Packets Emails
December 3-7 Weekly Practices Begin
January 12 Games Begin
February 9 Picture Day
 March 2 Last Game of the Season


 1st Grade Boys  ACT#1320    1st-2nd Grade Girls ACT#1329
 2nd Grade Boys  ACT#1321    3rd-4th Grade Girls   ACT#1330
 3rd Grade Boys  ACT#1322    5th-6th Grade Girls ACT#1331
 4th Grade Boys   ACT#1323    7th-8th Grade Girls ACT#1332
 5th Grade Boys  ACT#1324    9th-12th Grade Girls ACT#1333
 6th Grade Boys    ACT#1325      
 7th Grade Boys   ACT#1326      
 8th Grade Boys  ACT#1327      
 9th-12th Grade Boys  ACT#1328      

Coaches Needed: This league relies on volunteer coaches and parents. If you are interested or would like more information contact Ri Thomas at or (925) 973-3322. Coaches submitting inquiries by October 12th will select team name and practice time.

Additional Program Information:
Youth Hoops Rulebook 2019
* Youth Hoops Registration Confirmation Sheet

Kindergarten Hoops League

Kindergarten Hoops is back! The league uses volunteer coaches and encourages the involvement of parents. Emphasis is on fundamental skill development with every player participating. There are no practices for this league, simply show up and play basketball. Final team placement will be determined by skills observation and gender. Space is limited. There will be no games on November 24.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, October 10 unless maximum is met prior to this date. The last day to request a refund is Monday, October 8.

A Mandatory Skills Observation will be held on Thursday, October 11th from 5:00-5:30 p.m. at Pine Valley Community Gym.

Packets, which include team roster and game schedule, will be emailed on Monday, October 15. Games will be held for an hour and a half according to the game schedule.

Grade K                
Pine Valley Community Gym
Sat                          10/20 - 12/1*                     Game Start Times: 8:30am or 10:00 am
*No games 11/24

Additional Program Information:
* Kindergarten Youth Hoops Rulebook 2018
* Kindergarten Youth Hoops Parent Handbook
* Kindergarten Youth Hoops Registration Confirmation Sheet
* Kindergarten Youth Hoops Game Schedule