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New Registration System

To better serve our customers, we are upgrading our registration system for Fall 2018!

Visit beginning July 30, 2018 to create your new family account! Fall registration begins August 6!

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation in the community setting is the provision of activities and programs designed and adapted to meet the specific needs of people with disabilities or other identified populations in need of specialized programming. A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), or a Recreation Therapist Certified (RTC) develops and supervises these programs.


Therapeutic Recreation Classes

Dance Party!

Enjoy summers end with friends, dancing and an opportunity to meet new people. Additional activities and light refreshments will be provided  .

Alcosta Senior & Community Center   

Ages 13+    $15(R/GO)/$18(N)
Fri 8/24 6:30pm- 8:30pm    Act# 1668

Zumba® with Friends

Get active and stay healthy with friends in this fun fitness atmosphere! Zumba® with Friends is for people with developmental disabilities. The movements are broken down and taken at a slower pace for optimal engagement. Zumba® fuses upbeat world rhythms with easy to follow choreography for a full body workout, so grab a friend and join the fun!

Alcosta Senior & Community Center   


Ages 13+    4 Classes    $32(R/GO)/$40(N)
Wed 9/05 - 9/26 4:00pm- 5:00pm    Act# 1028

Ages 13+    5 Classes    $40(R/GO)/$50(N)
Wed 10/3 - 10/31 4:00pm- 5:00pm    Act #1029


Ages 13+    6 Classes    $48(R/GO)/$60(N)
Wed 11/7 - 12/19 4:00pm- 5:00pm  Act #1030 
No class 11/21


Therapeutic Bowling

This is a therapeutic recreation class for participants with developmental disabilities. This is a fun, recreational class where participants will learn bowling basics such as approach, strikes, spares, and frames. Includes three games and shoe rental. Meet at the Danville Bowl. Please call (925) 973-3272 for more information.

Danville Bowl

Ages 8+       7 Classes    $56(R/GO)/$70(N)

Mon 9/17 - 10/29 3:15pm- 4:45pm    Act #1463

Ages 8+       6 Classes    $48(R/GO)/$60(N)
Mon 11/05 - 12/17 3:15pm- 4:45pm    Act #1464
No class 11/12

Inclusion Services

Inclusion is people with and without disabilities participating in recreation together! Reasonable accommodations are made for individuals with disabilities so they can participate alongside peers as independently as possible.

The San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department welcomes and encourages the participation of children and adults with disabilities in all of our programs and services. To facilitate opportunities for participants with and without disabilities to engage in recreational pursuits together, the Parks and Community Services Department provides Inclusion Services. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on enrollment and requesting accommodations.

Inclusion FAQs

Who is eligible to receive Inclusion Services?
What are the minimum requirements for successful inclusion?
How do I receive Inclusion Services?
What is the cost of Inclusion Services?
What accommodations are available?
What is an Inclusion Support person?
Can I bring my own ABA therapist or personal aide?
Can I provide my child’s IEP to Therapeutic Recreation Staff?
What are the benefits of Inclusion?
What services are not parts of an inclusive program?

Download a hard copy of the FAQs
Download an Administration of Medications form

Who is eligible to receive Inclusion Services?

  • Any individual who registers for a San Ramon Parks and Community Services program and has a special need or disability is eligible for inclusion services.

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What are the minimum requirements for successful inclusion?

The same minimum requirements which apply to a person without a disability also apply to a person with a disability. These include:

  • Meeting the age and registration requirements of the program
  • Following the Code of Conduct (with or without reasonable accommodation)
  • Voluntary participation: recreation programs and activities are voluntary in nature. Participation will be encouraged and aided, but not forced
  • Level of participation: with or without reasonable accommodations, the participant will engage in scheduled activities for the majority of the program time.
  • Ability to use a consistent form of communication to indicate basic needs and follow simple directions
  • Ability to tolerate and function, with assistance, as a member of a larger social group (12 or more people)

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How do I receive Inclusion Services?

  • Register for the program of your choice AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance.
  • Mark the ‘Special Accommodations’ box on the registration form.
  • The Therapeutic Recreation Staff, in cooperation with you or your family member, will discuss any specific needs and make necessary accommodations on a case-by-case basis.
  • A Therapeutic Recreation Staff member will periodically observe the program to provide support and answer questions.
  • Communication between the Therapeutic Recreation Staff, the course instructors, and the individual and/or family is continued throughout the cooperative inclusion process.
  • Contact the Therapeutic Recreation Office at (925) 973-3272 or email at Attn: Therapeutic Recreation Office, and inform them of your registration

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What is the cost of Inclusion Services?

  • Reasonable accommodations are provided at no cost through the San Ramon Parks and Community Services Department
  • Participants pay the regular program fees

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What accommodations are available?

  • Disability awareness training given to staff
  • Activity modification
  • Behavior management support
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Observation and evaluation
  • Inclusion Support personnel that provide basic redirection and assist the whole class (dependent upon staff or volunteer availability)
  • Medically necessary medications may be held on site for custodial care programs where participant may self-administer
    This requires a completed Administration of Medications Form  click to download

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What is an Inclusion Support person?

  • Inclusion Support personnel can be staff or volunteers, often from the Future Leaders in Training (FLiT) program.
  • Inclusion Support personnel receive training to support recreation programs and to provide basic redirection.
  • Inclusion Support personnel can help repeat directions and model requested behavior.
  • Inclusion Support personnel are provided as an accommodation on a case by case basis and are for the benefit of the program overall so all participants can get the most out of the program.
  • Inclusion support is meant to create a smaller staff to participant ratio. If a participant needs more supervision or assistance it is recommended that an aide or parent accompany the participant.

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Can I bring my own ABA therapist or personal aide?

  • Yes, you or your child may attend with an ABA therapist or personal aide. The aide may also be another allied health professional, such as Occupational Therapist.
  • Please inform Therapeutic Recreation Staff so they may alert the instructor of the program.

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Can I provide my child’s IEP to Therapeutic Recreation Staff?

  • Therapeutic Recreation Staff will take IEP’s into consideration when preparing information for instructors; however, personal therapy goals may not be covered within the program.
  • All notes provided will be used to provide a sense of the best accommodations possible for the individual in the program they are enrolled in.

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What are the benefits of Inclusion?

  • Ensures that all residents are given the freedom of choice
  • Fosters an increased sense of independence in leisure activities
  • Provides an opportunity for all residents of a community to learn more about each other, to appreciate individual differences and to celebrate diversity
  • Provides services focused on meeting the needs, interests and abilities of each individual
  • Enhances the quality of life for all involved in the process

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What services are not parts of an inclusive program?

Inclusion services do not include the following:

  • One-to-one personal assistance from staff/volunteers
  • Physical restraint or intervention beyond gentle, side-guided redirection
  • Provision of a separate area or alternate activities for a significant portion (more than 25%) of the scheduled program
  • Exception to minimum compliance with the program's rules and regulations, with or without accommodations, established for the safety of all program participants and staff
  • Hiring, selection, or guaranteed assignment of a specific staff member
  • Individualized therapy within a program
  • Provision and/or purchase of personal custom devices
  • Guarantee of Inclusion Support availability at desired time of program
  • Assistance feeding or using the restroom

However, inclusion support personnel may be provided to enhance the existing recreation program by providing basic redirection and minimal personal assistance which program leaders and instructors are unable to offer.

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