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San Ramon’s Active Membership for Fitness Classes

The Parks and Community Services Department fitness drop-in membership allows you the flexibility to take a variety of fitness classes without having to register for a full session. Attend the class you want when you want!

  • Participants can still register for the full session of a class or choose the drop-in membership option.
  • An Active Membership is ideal if your schedule fluctuates or you enjoy taking a variety of classes.

Active Membership Passes may be used for all fitness classes in the drop-in category indicated by the Active Membership logo. Once you decide to use the drop-in option, you will need to register for an Active Membership Card and load passes onto your membership card. The more passes you purchase the more you save! Visit our website for more information! Passes are valid for one year from date of purchase. Load your pass card online in advance for convenience.

Benefits and cost

One pass for fitness classes • Flexible to your schedule

Per Pass Fee 5 Passes 10 Passes
$15 $70 $130
  $14 Per Pass $13 Per Pass


You can either purchase the passes online or at one of the Community Centers listed below

>>Purchase Passes Online

9300 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon, CA 94583

12501 Alcosta Blvd., San Ramon, CA 94583

Fitness Classes with Active Membership
Below is a list of Fitness Classes that accepts the Active Membership:

  • Ballet with Deb Saravia
  • Dance Fusion with Deb Saravia
  • Belly Dance Beginning/Intermediate with Tatseena
  • Belly Dance – Advanced with Tatseena
  • Bombay Jam – Bollywood Dance Fitness Total Body Workout with Priya


Active Membership FAQ

What Is an Active Membership Pass?
The Active Membership program is whereby members will be able to purchase single visit passes as well as multiple-use passes depending on their needs to spend on fitness classes and programs on a drop-in basis with the San Ramon Parks & Community Services Department

Can I Use My Active Membership On Any Program?
Currently the Active Membership can only be used for designated fitness programs. The programs that accept the Active Membership are identified by the Active Membership logo.

How Long Is Active Membership Valid?
Active Membership passes are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How Can I Check How Many Passes are left on My Active Membership?
Active Membership pass holders can view their balances at the bottom of their registration receipt, online or by calling the San Ramon Community Center at (925) 973-3200