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Nutrition Program

*Effective July 1, 2018 the suggested donation for the Nutrition Program will increase from $2.00 to $3.00 for those 60 and older. The required fee of $5.00 remains the same for those under 60. This increase is the first increase in 12 years and is necessary to help maintain this program as costs for production and delivery continue to rise. The actual cost to produce and deliver each meal is $10.35. Your donations help to offset cost. Senior donations are voluntary.

Monday-Friday, 12:00pm 

$3 suggested donation for 60 years and older
$5 required fee for under 60

All orders must be placed by 12:00pm one business day in advance by registering at the front desk or calling 973-3250.

C.C. Cafe

The C.C. Café offers an unbeatable price on a well-balanced lunch every day! If the main entrée is not what you’re looking for you may order a seafood salad, veggie burger, hamburger or chef’s salad instead. Please remember that you must sign-up by 12:00pm the business day before you would like lunch. If you are unable to come for lunch after you have ordered, please call the Senior Center at 973-3250 to cancel your order. Be sure to indicate your choice when signing up for lunch.

If you arrive after 12:10pm without calling the front desk, your lunch may be given to someone else.

CC Café menu

CC Cafe logo

San Ramon Bistro

Looking for something to tide you over from mid-afternoon until dinner? As an extension of the C.C. Café, Bistro Boxes are now available for order! These are refrigerated boxed lunches that may consist of a sandwich or cold salad with healthy sides. The same nutritional balance normally offered by the Senior Nutrition Program is now available after the scheduled lunch hour. Perfect for those who need to work lunch around doctors’ appointments or those who stay late to participate in card games, fitness, dance, or other activities offered at the center.


Bistro Logo

Nutrition Pass

No need to carry cash for lunch! Patrons may make their donation to the nutrition program by putting it onto their existing activity card. The program will work exactly like the other drop-in programs. If you make your donation with Nutrition Passes, you will check in with the front desk prior to lunch and the staff will scan your card and give you a slip indicating that you’ve made your donation with your activity card.


If you need a ride let us know! We will come and pick up any San Ramon resident for $3 each way on our Express Van.