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How Safe are You in the Water

According to the American Red Cross, 80% of Americans say that they are able to swim. Of those, only 46% are actually able to perform all five of the basic water safety skills.

‚ÄčInfographic of five basic water safety skills


Drowning is Preventable

As over 1,500 children and teens die annually in the United States from drowning incidents, however steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of drowning by preventing it in the first place. Help prevent drowning by adding the following layers of protection;

Infographic - Circl of Drowning Prevention

How Can You Help

While drowning is preventable, drowning remains the leading cause of unintentional death for children age 1-4 in the United States. By following the steps below, a person who is drowning will have the greatest chance of survival.

Infogrpahic - Chain of Drowning Survival

For more information on drowning prevention, please visit the following websites:

Drowning Prevention Foundation at
American Red Cross at
Pool Safely website at