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Alameda County Industries of San Ramon (ACI)

ACI provides solid waste collection services under an exclusive franchise agreement with the City of San Ramon. These services include collection of all solid waste (commercial, industrial, and residential) and collection of residential recyclables and organics.

Questions regarding these services should be directed to ACI at (925) 380-9480, [email protected] or

Garbage rates are adjusted every January 1 using a formula in the contract between ACI and the City.  The latest garbage rates for residents with individual service and residents with shared service can be found on ACI's website.

Residential Household Hazardous Waste Door-to-Door Collection Services

The convenient residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) door-to-door collection services are provided by Clean Harbors.

Clean Harbors has been contracted by the City of San Ramon to provide this appointments-only service to remove difficult-to-dispose-of materials like household batteries, chemicals, paints, e-waste, and fluorescent lamps directly from residents’ doorsteps. The waste must be specially packaged for collection to ensure safe handling of the materials.

San Ramon residents (or property managers on behalf of their tenants) can call 1-800-433-5060, or fill out a request form on the Clean Harbors website to schedule an appointment. 

HHW Doorhanger

Neighborhood Clean-Up Days

Curbside service residents can look up the dates of their three neighborhood clean-up days here:

General information about neighborhood clean-up days can be found here:

Commercial Recycling Services

Commercial recycling services are provided by private companies that have been granted permits by the City of San Ramon, and are available to all San Ramon businesses on a competitive basis. ACI also provides commercial recycling services for half the price of garbage service, with up to one-cubic yard per week of recycling service per commercial account provided at no additional charge. ACI provides commercial organics services for half the price of garbage service, with up to 96 gallons per week of organics service per commercial account provided at no additional charge.


Please contact ACI directly at (925) 380-9480 for everyday service and billing inquiries. For reference, ACI's phone number and website are also provided on all garbage, recycling, and organics containers.

Please contact the City if you are not satisfied with ACI's response to your inquiry.