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Get updates The Open Space Advisory Committee is appointed by the City Council and serves as an advisory body directly to the City Council.  The specific charge of the committee is to: 
  • Prioritize land at risk for development based upon the Priority Property List developed by the Open Space Task Force; and
  • Based upon the prioritization of the Priority Property List recommend potential properties for preservation; and
  • Advise the City Council regarding opportunities and resources available for establishing a secure funding source for open space acquisition, permanent preservation, and maintenance for properties contiguous to the City limits; and
  • Provide a forum for input from the community regarding open space issues which are consistent with the Committee's charge; and
  • Seek partnerships with other open space advocacy groups for the purposes of sharing information on funding sources and ways to permanently preserve open space; and
  • Prepare and submit an annual Work Program for approval by the City Council.



Sally Scholl
Term Expires: July 2024
Diana Korpi
Term Expires: July 2024
Bob Peoples
Term Expires: July 2025
Henry Perezalonso
Term Expires: July 2025
Seth Adams
Non-Governmental Organization 
Term Expires: July 2024
Jaideep Vijayakar
Alternate Member
Term Expires: July 2024
Eric Wallis
Planning Commissioner
Julia Oseland
Parks & Community Services Commissioner


Brad Morris - Parks and Community Services Division Manager