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Get updates The Teen Council's charge, as approved by the San Ramon City Council, is to:
  • Advise and inform staff and Parks and Community Services Commission on the various  issues relating to the teens, outlining the needs of the population.
  • Provide recommendations to staff and Commission on teen programs and policies relating  to teen recreation services.
  • Appoint  appropriate sub-committees as necessary to further the work of the teen program  mission and the efforts of the Department and the Teen Council.
  • Receive  input from the teen population in San Ramon, including input from other  organizations and individuals on issues relevant to the teen population.
  • Act  as a liaison for teen issues to governmental and private organizations.
  • Advocate  teen issues within the entire community.
  • Identify  problems of teen services and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Be  a channel of communication between the staff and the teen population.
  • Provide  feedback to staff on the assessment of current and future needs of the teen  population for the purpose of program planning.



Terms Expire June 2024

Ananya Pinnamaneni Adhyayan Veer Singh
Dhruv Harinath
Spoorthi Bedadam
Eliana Horn
Srishreya Arunsaravanakumar
Lassya Munjeti Rishab Guntuku
Gavin Li  Surabhi Verma 
Harshitha Karippara
Tanishka Chawla
Krisha Singhani Trisha Rajganesh
Reha Bhandari
Matilda Lin
Sadhana Tadepalli

Emma Kapur - Alternate #1 Arshia Ghatak - Alternate #2


Staff Contact

Jessica Reaber
(925) 973-3272