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City of San Ramon Aquatics Program

New Class:  Aqua Aerobics 

Aqua Aerobics Join us for an amazing total body workout.  Shallow water and deep water classes available.  The buoyancy of the water is easy on participants joints and the resistance of the water helps towards achieving your fitness goals.  Classes will use aerobics choreography and great music to keep participants moving and cheerful.  Workouts are designed to improve to improve cardiovascular endurance, coordination, range of motion, muscle tone and flexibility while using the resistance of water. 

Shallow water classes are low impact, basic to moderate intensity where participants can stand on the bottom of the pool during the workout.  No swimming experience needed for shallow water classes.  

Deep water classes are non impact, moderate intensity where participants feet cannot touch the bottom of the surface.  Participants must be able to swim to join the deep water class.  Aqua noodles or flotation belts will be used in the class. While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, participants must provide their own equipment. 

Upcoming Classes at the San Ramon Olympic Pool:

Shallow Water Classes 

  • Tuesday September 28 - October 19 at 10:00am 
  • Tuesday September 28 - October 19 at 11:00am 
  • Thursday September 30 - October 21 at 9:00am 
  • Thursday September 30 - October 21 at 10:00am 
  • Saturday October 2 - 23 at 10:00am 

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Both facilities are full service with A.D.A accessible locker rooms.  All pools feature multiple methods of entry into the water including easy entry stairs, swim lifts, and water wheel chairs.