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Sheep Shearing 2024



Fun on the Farm

Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

Fun on the Farm Activities are FREE crafts and activities that highlight farm life and the late Victorian era.  These Saturday events are an opportunity to step back into history and enjoy the simple things of life.  
*Special events hosted by the San Ramon Historic Foundation are fee-based programs that require registration and will be indicated as such.



Apr 6                    Dairy Day

Cows were once a art of Forest Home Farms livestock and people had to make their own dairy. Come milk milk our model wooden cow, and take home a cow craft. 

Apr 13                 Sheep Sheering 

Sheep Shearing Day, presented by the San Ramon Historic Foundation. Tickets required. For more information and tickets visit 

Apr 20                Arbor + Earth Day Celebration

Why are trees so important? Come to the Farm to learn and watch a tree being planted. Take home a handmade tree craft. 

This year's Earth Day theme is Planet vs Plastic. Come learn about how plastics impact our life and the environment, and how you can live a healthier plastic-free life.   Take some compost home for your garden!

FHF Earth Day 2024 flyer  


Apr 27            Yarn Art

Victorians used what was available to them and made the most of it. One of the Victorian traditions was to use hair to make art! Come learn about this old art and use yarn to make your own piece of art. 



May 4                   Hay Painting 

Hay was easily found on Farms in the early 1900's and used for a variety of purposes. Express your creativity by painting with hay. 

May 11                   Thinking of Mom

During Victorian times flower pressing was one way to capture and preserve the beauty of the natural world. Nature's beauty was brough inside where it could be appreciated forever. Make your own floral creation to take home. 

May 18             Super Salads

May is a great time to harvest some fun salad staples. From lettuce to sorrel and edible flowers, come sample some fun veggies from our organic garden. 

May 25            CLOSED for Memorial Day Weekend

Check out the Art and Wind Festival on Sunday and Monday. 

More information:  San Ramon Art and Wind Festival 



Jun 1                   Baseball Cards

Come learn about the history of Baseball and baseball trading cards. Make your own baseball card & see how far you can hit a whiffle ball. 

Jun 8                 Farm Horse

Meet our model horse, "Ramon", and learn about the real horses that used to live at the farm. See some of the equipment used with horses and experience how it feels to sit in a saddle. 

Jun 15                  Father's Day

Join us as the farm with an important 'father figure' and together create a memorable experience learning the ancient art of leather working. 

Jun 22               Bubble Prints

Let's have some fun by coloring with bubble solution, blowing bubbles, and then pressing paper onto the bubbles. It's time to create your own bubble art. 

Jun 29             Redwoods

Explore the farm as you follow clues to see these amazing trees planted by Ruth Boone and discover the wonders of the redwoods.



Jul 6                   CLOSED for 4th of July Weekend

Jul 13                 Pinch Pots

Rural potters usually dug clay from the earth on their own farms, often finding good clay near the bend of a river. We'll give you your own clay to fashion a pinch pot to take home. 

Jul 20                 Ice Cream

What foes into making a cool, tasty summertime treat like ice cream? Come learn how simple it is and help turn the crank to make homemade ice cream and sample this treat. 

Jul 27             Sun rings

Sun Printing is based on the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since the 19th century. Collect Objects from around the farm to make your own unique print to take home.