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The Preserve Project (formerly Faria Preserve)
Posted on 08/06/2021

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The Preserve Project (formerly Faria Preserve) is located on approximately 286.5 of the 354 acres within the Northwest Specific Plan Area.  The Project was approved by the City Council on September 23, 2014 with a total of 740 residential units comprised of single-family homes, town homes, condominiums, and senior apartments units. The Preserve Project also includes a community park, open space areas, and sites designated for a house of worship and an educational facility, along with various supporting infrastructure and public facilities.

In 2016, the City Council adopted an Initiative Petition which became effective in 2017 amending the approved Preserve Project with the following development:

  • A maximum of 618 residential units
  • 1.5-acre house of worship site
  • 2.6-acre educational facility site
  • 12.7-acre community park
  • 0.7-acre rose garden
  • Faria Preserve Parkway, which connects Purdue Road to Bollinger Canyon Road
  • Water quality ponds to provide water quality treatment per State stormwater requirements
  • Trails in dedicated open space areas, including two trailhead staging areas

In addition to work being performed by Lennar's (formerly CalAtlantic Homes’) contractors, East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) will be constructing two new water tanks and a new pump station that will serve the future Faria Preserve residents.

Construction activities expected in 2020 include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction, sales, and occupancy of home sites
  • Construction of storm drain facilities (detention basin, bio-retention basin, etc.)
  • Construction of retaining walls
  • Construction of Community Park and Rose Garden
  • Installation of on-site landscape improvements
  • Installation of underground utilities on-site
  • Construction of roadways on-site, including Faria Preserve Parkway and in-tract neighborhood roads
  • Construction of HOA Community Facility and Pool
  • Bollinger Canyon Road frontage improvements from Faria Preserve Parkway to Crow Canyon Road
  • Purdue Road at San Ramon Valley Boulevard traffic signal improvements
  • Deerwood Road roadway improvements
  • Rough Grading of Neighborhood 5

Construction hours are permitted only between:

* Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
* Saturdays
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please note that the developer may be required to work outside of these hours if an emergency arises to monitor or maintain  public safety.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:

Jay Winzler
Cell: (925) 327-8318
Christopher Low
City of San Ramon
Office: (925) 973-2682
Division: (925) 973-2670

Cindy Yee, Senior Planner
City of San Ramon
Office: (925) 973-2562
Division: (925) 973-2560



Subdivision   Approved   Resolution  Final Map Subdivision Improvement Agreement
 9342  06/27/17  2017-061   View  View
 9443  11/14/17  2017-122  View  View
 9457  11/14/17  2017-123  View  View
 9455  12/12/17
 2017-131  View  View
 9456  01/09/18  2018-007  View  View

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