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The City of San Ramon currently operates seven display fountains. As a result of service level reductions and cost saving measures, the following fountains will be operating on a modified schedule: Bollinger Canyon Fountain (at Bollinger and Chanterella) and the Meadow Fountain (located at Alcosta, behind the San Ramon Community Center).

The schedule for fountains that are funded by annual homeowner assessments through the Landscaping and Lighting District will remain the same. These fountains include the Step and Reflection fountains  (at Dougherty and Crow Canyon).

While the City expects to have the fountains running as scheduled, there may be situations where unforeseen disruptions or repairs are needed. The City also schedules routine maintenance which may necessitate the fountains being inoperable for some time. Some repairs may take several days or weeks to complete. In order to protect the City of San Ramon and its standards of excellence for facilities, the City reserves the right, at any time, to shut down the fountains for safety concerns and unforeseen maintenance problems.

No special permits or requests will be considered to turn on the display at these fountains outside the schedule of operation. If you have any questions regarding the fountains, you may contact Public Services at (925) 973-2800, or complete a CRM service request.

Update: July 2021

The City of San Ramon is very mindful of the current drought condition and is making every effort to follow the guidelines established by our water agencies and the State of California.  The schedule of operations for the majority of the fountains has been slightly reduced for this reason.  However, we continue to operate the City’s four display fountains and two interactive fountains for the following reasons:

  • The water in all of the fountains is recirculated, limiting water loss to evaporation.
  • Continuing to operate the fountains, preserves the mechanical equipment and pond surfaces, which without operation may cause permanent damage and significant cost to replace.
  • If the fountains were turned off the holding ponds and tanks would need to be drained for vector purposes.
  • Refilling the fountains after they have been drained and repairing/replacing the mechanical equipment to restart the fountains would be very costly.

The City will continue to evaluate the drought conditions and confer with our water agencies to determine the best course of action related to the fountains.


(Bollinger and Chanterella)



6 am -10 am,
6 pm -10 pm
 6 pm - 10 pm
Closed  Sat-Sun  9 am - 10 pm  6 pm - 10 pm


(See Below)

Daily                   Apr 1- Oct 31  11 am - 5 pm
MEADOW (Alcosta, behind the Community Center) Open Daily 10 am - 10 pm 6 pm - 10 pm
RANCHO SAN RAMON PARTICIPATORY FOUNTAIN (Rancho San Ramon Community Park) Open Daily
Apr 1-Oct 31
11 am - 5 pm  
REFLECTION FOUNTAIN (Corner of Dougherty & Crow Canyon)  Open  Mon - Fri  6 am - 9 am,
6 pm -9 pm
 6 am -7:30 am,
7 pm -10 pm
 Open  Sat - Sun   9 am - 9 pm  6 am -7:30 am,  
7 pm - 10 pm
STEP FOUNTAIN (Corner of Dougherty & Crow Canyon)** Closed Mon - Fri 6 am - 9 am,
6 pm -9 pm

6 am -7:30 am,
7 pm -10 pm

Closed  Sat - Sun  9 am - 9 pm 6 am -7:30 am,  
7 pm - 10 pm

*Regular Schedule, Display Pump Hours, and Lighting Hours do not apply if the OPERATING STATUS indicated that the fountain is CLOSED.

  **Fountain Closure - West Branch – Step Fountain

On March 7, 2022, Public Works staff was notified that water was rushing into the equipment vault for the Step Fountain. This fountain is one of four display fountains in the City and it is part of the Landscaping and Lighting District Special Assessment Zone 6 – West Branch. 
When staff arrived on site, they found that a valve had failed and was allowing water to fill the equipment vault.  The sump pump could not keep up with the flow of water and the equipment – both electrical and mechanical was submerged. Staff is currently working with the City’s contractors to obtain pricing. 


  ***Fountain Closure -Bollinger Canyon - Updated August 31, 2022

Bollinger Canyon Fountain – Unfortunately, the fountain is closed due to electrical equipment failure.  The week of July 25th, an electrical issue with the display component of the fountain developed.  Staff investigated, and found that an electrical panel and its contents needed to be replaced due to moisture intrusion.  The panel and the components have been ordered, and some of the equipment has already arrived.  Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, not all of the components are readily available.  A major component of the repair, the control panel, is not due to ship for approximately four months.  We are very disappointed as we understand how many citizens enjoy the fountain and the walkways both during the day and at night.  It is a favorite picture spot for wedding parties, family portraits, school dances, and group photos to name a few.  We apologize for the major inconvenience that this unanticipated repair may have caused and are working to get the repair completed as quickly as possible.  Please check back as we will update this information page as we receive shipping updates on the control panel. 


**** Central Park Participatory Fountain will be closed on Friday, October 7, from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm for water line repairs.