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Thank you for joining the 2022 Trails Challenge

 The 2022 Trails Challenge may be finished, but there is always next year! Be on the look out for the 2023 City of San Ramon Trails Challenge in spring. Until then, keep hiking!

Spring and Summer offer some of the best opportunities to explore the trails of San Ramon and discover the health benefits of outdoor recreation! The San Ramon Trails Challenge is a self-guided program that encourages you to hike five featured trails anytime from April to September. Enjoy the trails solo, with your dog, with family, with friends or with co-workers. The Trails Challenge is free to participate and designed for all fitness levels.

Logo for San Ramon Trails Challenge


Please utilize the links below to download more information on the 2022 San Ramon Trails Challenge:  2022 Trails Guidebook

After completing five out of the seven featured trails, please submit your Trails Challenge Completion Log. Once submitted, your name will be added to the list of this year's list of Trails Challenge Finishers!



 Brandon Low
Uma Mange
Kurt Knipmeyer
Sally Wakamiya
Christine Huey
Richard Perez
Maria Cielo Perez
Matthew Lankford
Latha Miryala
Alpesh Parmar
Minnie Gu
 Randy Starkweather
Grayson Li
Judah Elaihu
Saravana Gupta Ravindran
David Huey
Vedanshi Piplani
Jachi R
Mike Lankford
Ming Lau
Jamie Nason
Zachary Rathmann
Tina Li
Patricia Eliahu
Balaji Saravana Gupta
Bo Meng
Amit Piplani
Taras Perales
Mika Lankford
Lan Lau
Sergio Castillo
 Karen Rathmann
Darin Li
Aaron Eliahu
Revathi Raja Kumar
Rebecca Quan
Nitya Kalra
Julie Perales
Michelle Lankford
Carol Kwan
Belinda Castillo


San Ramon Trails Challenge Party

Participants are invited to a Trails Challenge Party, sponsored by Sports Basement, to celebrate your participation and share stories of your time out on the trail. All Trails Challenge participants and their guests are invited to attend the outdoor event. Enjoy food, refreshments and a special discount for all those in attendance. 

October 1, 2022 - 11:30am - 12:30pm
Sports Basement San Ramon
1041 Market Place San Ramon, CA 94583


This year trail maps and turn by turn directions can be found on the  San Ramon Trails Mobile App, powered by OuterSpatial.  This free app that allows users to access essential trail information like trailhead locations, parking, elevation maps, pictures and points of interest in San Ramon, Northern California and beyond. Maps are also downloadable for offline access in areas without cellular coverage. All seven featured trails included in the Trails Challenge are available on the OuterSpatial app, so download it today to start checking them out and get ready to hit the trails!

Download OuterSpatial by using the links below and get ready for the Trails Challenge! 

Download the OuterSpatial App Download the OuterSpatial App Download the OuterSpatial App

Use the following link to directly connect to the City of San Ramon Trail System within the OuterSpatial app:

City of San Ramon Trail System in OuterSpatial


City Park & Trail Map - Interactive Map & Downloadable Mobile App

Questions and feedback should be sent to [email protected]