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 Calving Season

Calving Season

Did you know the Open Space areas near the Tassajara Ridge Trail and Dougherty Valley Ridge Trail are also used for cattle grazing? August through November is a special time of year when most calves (baby cows) are born. 

What to Expect During Calving Season:

  • Cows may separate from the heard to give birth
  • Remnants from the birth may be found around trails
  • Ranchers will be nearby to assist cows that experience issues during birth

What Should You do When Hiking in Cattle Grazing Areas:

  • Be cautious and maintain your distance
  • Do not get between a calf and a cow
  • Keeps dogs on leashes at all times.
  • If cattle are on the trail, wave your arms and shout so they disperse. If they do not disperse, walk around them.

If you encounter a cow, calf or bull that is acting in a threatening manner or appears to be injured, sick or dead, please keep your distance.  Note the location, color of the animal, ear tag number if you can safely see it, and report it to TN Cattle Company at (925) 997-5543. 

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