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Mudd's Restaurant
Posted on 02/05/2018


Mudd's Restaurant (10 Boardwalk Place)

The former Mudd's restaurant site was acquired by the City of San Ramon in late 2017 as a park parcel.  The land was transferred by the former redevelopment agency to the City for $1.  

At this point there are no specific plans for this location as the City Council decides what can be done on this parcel.


  1. When was Mudds acquired?
    The San Ramon Redevelopment Agency purchased the property for $2,031,074.82 in 2008.

  2. When was Crow Canyon Gardens acquired?
    The San Ramon Redevelopment Agency purchased this property in May of 1991. This property will be retained by the City as a Public Park

  3. What happened to the San Ramon Redevelopment Agency?
    The San Ramon Redevelopment Agency was established in 1986 as a governmental entity separate from the City of San Ramon. It was established to redevelop certain defined areas of the City of San Ramon.

    As part of the 2011 State of California Budget Act the Legislature approved the dissolution of the state’s 400 plus RDAs. After a period of litigation, RDAs were officially dissolved as of February 1, 2012. On that date, all assets, properties, contracts, leases, books and records, buildings and equipment of redevelopment agencies were transferred to successor agencies.
    The specific statute that dissolved the Redevelopment agency is Section 34172 of the Health and Safety Code, as modified by the California Court decision entered December 29, 2011, in California Redevelopment Assn. v. Vatosantos (2011) 53 Cal.4th 231.

  4. What happened to all the assets/obligations that were a part of the Redevelopment Agency?
    On January 10, 2012, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 2012-004, affirming that the City would serve as the Successor Agency to the former San Ramon Redevelopment Agency, in which capacity the City will wind down the affairs of the former Redevelopment Agency at the direction of an oversight board. The Successor Agency is a separate legal entity from the City of San Ramon. Although the Successor Agency is a separate legal entity from the City the members are also the same members as the City Council.

  5. What is the role of the Successor Agency?
    The Successor Agency is charged, generally, with carrying out the enforceable obligations of the former Redevelopment Agency, repaying outstanding debts of the former Redevelopment Agency, and disposing of the former Redevelopment Agency’s non-housing property and assets. The city, county, or city and county that authorized the creation of the Redevelopment Agency is the Successor Agency.

  6. What is the Oversight Board?
    Each Successor Agency has an Oversight Board (OB) that supervises its work. The OB is comprised of representatives of the local agencies that serve the redevelopment project area: the city, county, special districts, and K-14 educational agencies.

  7. What is the role of the Oversight Board?
    Oversight Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations, as well as to the local agencies that would benefit from property tax distributions from the former redevelopment project area.

  8. Where Can I learn More About the Redevelopment Dissolution Process?You can read the information from the Department of Finance at