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San Ramon Parks, Open Space, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan 2020

On Tuesday, June 22, 2020, the San Ramon City Council approved the Parks, Trails, Open Space, and Recreation Master Plan. The final document can be reviewed here:

Parks, Trails, Open Space, and Recreation Master Plan 2020

Master Plan Update and Strategic Action Plan 2008 (updated 2016)


The City of San Ramon is home to world-class parks and recreation. Since 2000, our community has seen significant growth and change.

It is essential for us to look to the future to ensure our parks and recreation meet the needs of residents and address critical trends and issues.

San Ramon is committed to creating and maintaining a park system that meets the recreational needs of its residents and contributes to the City’s positive image. The presence of well‐designed parks and community facilities is essential to the health and well‐being of San Ramon.

The Master Plan will guide the City as they respond to community needs and maximize access to high-quality parks and recreation opportunities that connect people with each other, nature and themselves. The Master Plan will update the City’s vision to frame the future of San Ramon’s park and recreation system so that it will thrive today and, in the future, while also providing short to mid-term strategies to address immediate needs. 

What is a master plan?

A master plan is…

  • A long-range planning tool to determine needs and service gaps, analyze growth trends and identify opportunities for improvements to parks and recreation amenities
  • An engaging document that sets the guiding values, goals, and priorities for current and future parks and facilities
  • An opportunity for the public to help shape the future of parks and recreation facilities and programs, ensuring responsiveness, creativity, and partnerships in the planning effort

The Master Plan provides a 10-year implementation strategy to guide the development and redevelopment of parks, and the development, renewal and replacement of recreation facilities. The Master Plan also builds upon the Bicycle Master Plan to enhance connectivity and encourage walking and biking.

Additionally, It will address programming needs and opportunities, including how best to collaborate with other agencies and networks to effectively deliver recreation.


  • A data-driven understanding of the current state of the parks and recreation system
  • Clear identification of service gaps
  • Easy-to-understand and graphically engaging
  • A framework for renewal, replacement, new and/or existing park, and recreation amenities/facilities
  • Analysis of park demand and recommended strategic renewals for 10-year timeframe
  • Recommendations for how parks and programs should grow or change in relationship to changing demographics and diversity
  • Prioritization of needs for enhancement of existing and new parks, trails, open space and recreation facilities
  • Creative and thorough engagement of public throughout the process
  • A dynamic tool which is useful to staff, elected officials, stakeholders, and the public